Tuesday, May 27, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

In our home, as in many homes around the world, we look forward to seeing our children growing, developing their skills, and being part of something that will leave a positive mark in their memories for years to come. 

In our home, football is big. Blame my brothers, especially Alex. But, once you're in, you're in for life. My two sons automatically fell in with the craziness and what can I say? My job? Cheerleader, Encourager, Supporter, Silent arms that hold my son up when he might not be feeling great.

Tonight is one of those nights. Seems we've had a lot of those around here. I changed his site, again. Just did it about ten minutes ago. It just came off. Sugar levels have soared again after everything being fine. I guess it will be a long night.

Jacob's First Game, Queens Falcons, Football Season 2013
My worries are so different to my son's. He's wondering how he'll do during football workouts. I'm praying God will prepare his warrior heart to do his best. Type 1 Diabetes is like that. Some days I think I've learned so much I can tackle it head on without a helmet. Other days, I feel it tackles me and I can't get up. Yet, I do! For my son and for his heart and passion for a sport that sort of defines him in so many ways.

He is a fighter and football is about knowing how to push through to the other side no matter how hard the opposition pushes against you. He is resilient and football takes mental assurance to believe in yourself and focus on standing strong. My son, Jacob, is powerful! In my eyes he is powerful. His faith is like wind to his feet that lets him soar while he practices and plays. But, oh, that wind pushes me upward as well as I watch and cheer him on.

We're getting ready for football. While some parent have already probably bought all their child will need for one more season, my greatest job is to pray and help my son be physically prepared by keeping his blood sugars where they need to be. I don't know why, but they just run upward on their own. Maybe I will have to redo the whole line again and make sure there aren't any bubbles in the line and that all is pushing through perfectly. 

Jacob's Third Game, Football Season 2013
I don't know if you love football, or any sport but I have one request of you if you are one of those who faithfully visit my blog site. Become a person who will encourage others and believe with them no matter the challenges they face. Become a person, like Jacob, that will look obstacles in the eye and say, "Get out of my way!" Become a believer that all things are possible for those who believe and cheer those around you that are feeling sick, or maybe just really down and out, but cheer them on. 

 Tonight, a complete change is needed in not only how he's feeling, (kinda crappy) but I ask the Lord that those blood sugars will normalize so that we can all sleep under the rest of God's protection. He inspires me and says, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm going to be okay." In Jesus name, I say, "Yes, amen."

Are you a parent of a child who is sick, or struggles with a physical condition or disability? Do not be discouraged. Hold on. Have faith and don't give up. I know I won't. Find those gifts in your child that need to be encouraged and surround your child with people and an atmosphere to develop those gifts. Watch your child blossom.

We're getting ready for football!

I'm excited to see my son declaring victory in so many ways. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the people you've placed in my son's path, for my family who is there with him, for the coaches that will guide him, and for your presence that will surround him tonight and always.

Share if you've been blessed in some way.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You and I are not your average, typical, every day moms. Nope. No Siree!
You and I are not your everyday, get up and go parent, like other parents.
We are sort of the same like other parents in that we care for our families, our children, and will do what we can and should do to help our children succeed and live happy lives.
What is so different with you and I?

We carry a sword!
A sword?
Yes! A sword! A powerful, very heavy at times, really sharp sword.

You're kidding me. (You respond)
I'm not. I assure you.


You and I are praying parents. We are parents filled with conviction and faith. We are parents that take God's word literally and recognize we are in a battle when it comes to everything that is unleashed against our children's health, their minds, their growth, their relationship and success in life. You and I walk around with that sword night and day, like vigilant warriors, like lions defending their territory, sword in hand, pushing back the powers of darkness.

That sword in our hands in God's Word, alive, powerful and able to destroy the works of the enemy when they begin to appear. That sword in our hands is our time spent in prayer, creating a fiery wall of divine protection around our children, not only when they're awake, but as they sleep. That sword in our hand gives us authority to cut down words spoken against our children, it gives us authority to cast down strongholds, imaginations and every plan against our children, in Jesus Name. We speak God's word and cancel every plan devised against our children. We move our sword and strike the enemy through our praises and our worship as we create a home where we are not afraid to invite God's presence into our homes.


What are you struggling with? What is inflicting pain and sorrow in your child?
Is it sickness? Is it bullies at school? Is it emotional problems? Is it something you don't understand like depression, silence, anger? Whatever your child is facing right now, you have the Sword of the Spirit in your hands if you run to God's Word and make it your confession. That sword works even as we remain on our knees. You are a prayer warrior. You are not like other parents that just raise their kids to believe what they want, no faith, just live. You see the challenges, the struggles, the hardships and you don't take it lightly. 

Okay, I know there's no real sword if we look at it realistically in our physical world. But, if you look at yourself in the mirror of faith, you will see you are a parent decked out in battle gear. You are dressed to defeat enemies of all proportions, size and magnitude. Your faith will get you through each battle. God's anointing upon your life will walk you through the fire. He is your victory! He is Your Shield of Faith!
Let God's Sword in your hand be the courage to face the enemy, the defeated enemy, who forgets God has already rendered him powerless and God has shown us great victory!

You and I are different. 
We are more than conquerors.
We are part of a royal priesthood and we are preparing our children to be kingdom minded.
We are people of faith.
We are of those who love God and are not afraid to show it.
Carry your sword in hand and go forth, defending what God has given you.

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By Angeline M Duran Santiago

As a parent, waiting for physical improvements to take place in our child's body seems like the snail's walk from a pencil's point to the eraser, a very, very long time. We grow impatient, mainly when our child shares their discomfort. We get angry, usually after attempting everyone's remedy and advice to no prevail. 

Waiting. We wait to be born. We wait to pass a test. We wait to find the right person to marry. We wait. And we wait some more. It's waiting for a cure that is a pain in the rear. It's waiting for research that has shown they have an answer to make it our way. There are so many advances and yet, the more I read, the more I see it's all the same, as if one person is just bouncing off what they read in someone's else's research or site. It seems there's a lot of repeated information but no one really has anything new to say.

I'm here waiting, but my wait is with an expectation. I await for a healing to come upon my son's body. It is my faith and I believe that He was created perfectly and wonderfully in my womb. Somewhere along the way, Type 1 Diabetes showed up to make my son's life a challenge. But, I believe in the Word of God, who created my son, and is able to keep His promises of healing and renewal.

It is a hard thing to proclaim. I know. Especially when most will say, "You're foolish!" I look at my son and decide to hope. Hope can keep us alive when nothing else can. Hope makes our faith remain strong. I chose to hope and have faith that although my son is on an insulin pump and has to check his blood glucose regularly, and watch what he eats, I choose to believe in the scriptures that tell me, "He bore our sickness and by His wounds (stripes) we were healed." Isaiah 53 promises healing for my son's insides.

I still see my perfectly born child when I look at my son. When my other two children get sick, I see God's hands upon them and through the struggles of getting better, I chose to see God at work in them for His glory. 

Waiting. It's a hard thing to do as a parent but I'm learning that as I wait, God is doing what only He does best. He is opening the heavens wide and pouring out answers to all our prayers. He is blessing us even when we don't feel it. He is with us, walking around us and strengthening us. He is able. Don't give up your hope of your faith. Trust God.

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By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Type 1 Diabetes has it's good days and it's bad days. Some days it seems as if it doesn't even exist. The blood sugar levels are great! Nothing makes the numbers go high. No matter what, at least once in a while, the insulin pump behaves and for a moment in time, a blink of the eyes, T1D seems very, very far away.

Sometimes, though, or should I say, most of the time, it's so real that everything around you lets you know it is present. Everything seems to go wrong. No matter what you believe you're doing correctly to help your child, he doesn't seem to feel better, and the sugar goes up to the sky for no reason at all. Now, I know doctors say things like, "Well, you know, he's a kid, he's going to sneak in a snack and not tell you." or, "Well, we all know our kids lie so maybe he eats and doesn't really cover himself." 

So, if that's true, then what about the moments, which is almost "always" that we are personally there with him, monitoring consistently and even placing the numbers into his insulin pump ourselves. What reason or excuse do doctors have then? I didn't think so. 
Thus, my search in scripture is changing how I view my time in prayer. I seek passages where healing took place and I am personalizing them and making them Jacob's personal bag of hope. There are only two things that can happen here. Healing or no healing. Either way, God is in control.

I think that's the hardest part. Believing he's in control when chaos seems to be leading the way in my son's body. So, today I want to see beyond the condition, and focus on what God's Word shares about healing.

Jesus heals a man with leprosy

Jesus heals a man waiting by the poolside

Jesus heals a woman with an issue of non-stop bleeding

Jesus heals by just speaking the word, not being present

If God has done it in the past, then I can believe He will do it again. As I care for my child, I will continue to read and search the scriptures as I ask the Lord to do the work in me, in my heart, that will change how I pray, how I believe, and how I wait on the Lord. God, you've shown your power and glory so many times before. What's one more time to you?

Lord, we wait on you....

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By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I can honestly say that I've purposely ignored this area of writing in my life. There is nothing more I want to share than words of encouragement and hope and it seems in the area of my son's health, or the health of many in my family, it has been such a challenge.

My faith has been placed on mountain top and it hangs by a thin thread every now and then. With all that is within me, I strive to hold on to what I know to be true. It's in watching my child struggle with high blood sugars out of no where that my faith shakes within me and I am forced and obligated to remind myself I walk by faith and not by sight or emotions.

Friends, it is not easy to pray over your child and put him to sleep knowing tomorrow he will still awake with the same condition. It is not a lack of faith on my part, for although I recognize my faith is not where it needs to be, I do believe. I do believe with certainty God is able. But, why? Why does He hold His mighty hand away from my child? Why does it seem others are healed and my son's body carries the fatigue of endless ups and downs with this diabetes?

Tonight I ask you Lord to renew my faith. Renew and restore my assurance in Your Word. I know you are able to heal but I don't see you moving in my midst. So, for this I ask you to open my eyes to see your glory at work in my son's body. Open my ears to hear your presence around him. Transform my heart and remove every hindrance, every fear, every insecurity that restrains my faith, keeps it down, and won't allow my prayer to soar.

I refuse to fall asleep without confessing that I am waiting on You. I refuse to lay down to rest without turning my son to you and saying, "My son is in your hands. If it is your will, just say the word, and he shall be healed."

My child needs you. My family needs you. You are Jehovah Rophe, God who is the healer for my children. You are Jehovah Shalom who floods my mind and heart with peace concerning their health. You are Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who will provide for every need in my children and my family. Lord, I not only speak it but I write a declaration of what I know you can do. Come visit our home tonight and pour healing into my son in Jesus Name. Amen.

Maybe you too, are praying for your child who is sick. Maybe it's Type One Diabetes like my son, or maybe it's something else that is just sucking the life out of your child and challenging your faith in a very strong faith. To you I say tonight, Continue to hold on until the end. Seek God in all you do. Do not give up. Do not stop believing. God has been there and healed before, He can do it once more. 

I pray for God to strengthen you and to increase your faith. I pray that the Lord will visit your home and pour out abundantly according to all you need. I pray that God's glory will be powerfully present in your home and in the lives of each person connected to you.

Let faith take over and praise God through the uncertainties and the pain. Give every doubt and every sorrow to the Lord. We have no other place to turn to, so trust in Him. He will not let us down. God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. 

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