Tuesday, May 24, 2016


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

It is easy to lash out when someone curses you, starts with you for no reason, or you find yourself in danger and need to defend yourself. Often, we find ourselves at home with our loved ones and words can also fly around like darts, poisonous darts that don't aim for the walls, the bathroom or the garden, but go straight to the heart.

It is here where I find myself meditating today. For those of us who have a loved one, a child or friend with Type 1 Diabetes, it is safe to say that many times, depending on how they're feeling, their tempers and their behaviors can sometimes come out a bit strong. I learned early on that this too can be a sign that something is wrong. Many people tend to start going into argument mode, (I'm guilty and have done it) instead of taking a moment to recognize what can perhaps be the warning signs of high blood sugar, a low blood sugar or the child/person just not feeling well.


As a mother, I see the great many changes in my son. He's turning into a teenager, growing up and getting taller each day. He is blooming into an amazing young man with such a precious heart, thoughtful and giving. Yet, there have been times where I've failed to notice that maybe he wasn't feeling at one hundred percent and when I spoke to him, I could've used different words to keep him calm or make the situation better.

This takes me to the phrase, "Speak Life". I have been seeing the Lord speak that very phrase into my own life these past few days. I sense the Lord inviting me to change my words, think before I speak, be quick to forgive, and quick to look at the heart inside the person before I say a word.


Speak Life....
Instead of complaining and sharing the negative we see, I believe the Lord wants us to declare those things that are positive, that lift people up and transform the ugliest atmosphere into a peaceful one. 

If it is true that in our tongue we have the power of life and death, then we walk around as either time bombs or vessels of life giving water. Wherever I go, I have the potential to speak death, speak poison and venom, or speak life, speak healing, speak deliverance and speak joy! 

Motherhood is not something we walk into with a manual. It's hands on and we learn as we go. As the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic, it is my calling to speak life, speak positively into his heart and into his mind. God calls me as his mom to encourage, to fill with greatness, and to inspire for great works.


It is my responsibility before the Lord to speak words that remind my son that God is his healer, his comforter and the One that restores him. You and I as parents have been called to do more than just learn how to check blood glucose levels, and put on a pump. We are called to make sure our children know they are special, amazing, loved, and have an awesome purpose in this world. 

It is our job to tell them, "I know you feel like crap this morning, but you are strong because God is your strength. Let's work together to stabilize your glucose levels. Let's pray when you're feeling depressed or angry. Come, God's word says you are not alone, He is with you like a Mighty Giant at your side."

Today, I am listening to the Lord's whisper that tells me to "Speak Life" not only into my son's life, but into my children, my marriage, my parents, my workplace, and every area of my life. I pray you also will find a moment today to decide what you will do with the power in your tongue. As for me, I will speak Life. As for me, I will build up my family. As for me and  my house, we will serve the Lord.
In my home, there will be LIFE!