Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Tonight I am tired. The shower was calming and I think I'm just going to sleep without blow drying my hair. It's been a long day. There's a part of me that would like to complain and vent about what people said or did, but I'm home, where there are things, concerns, and needs way more important than any nonsense I had to deal with today. The issues that are important to my children, those are the things I want to focus on before I go to sleep.

I want to remind them that they are not what their bodies are reacting to. In my home, we deal with a lot of "issues". Some you know, some you don't, some you won't. But, they're there. And like with any family, when one member hurts and you can't do anything but stand with them through the dark moments, it hurts to see your loved one going through the stresses and the motions of various health conditions we can't understand or stop.

"Look in the mirror."
"See the perfect and beautiful you."
"Take a good look at your amazing self."
"Wow! You're powerful and strong!"

Our children, my children, still need affirmation. We all need to be validated and recognized for good things, and not for our weaknesses or limitations. 

That's me.
Still, What does God ask of me tonight?

Loosen words of joy and encouragement upon your children. Spill words that are uplifting, inspiring, and loving. You see, the world is not ready, or doesn't want to flood your child's life with great inspiring words to breathe life into them. So, guess what? No matter how tired you, the parent are, you have to be what your child, especially you child with special needs or medical conditions need. They seldom complain, right? 
I know my kids rarely tell me how they really feel. I just know when something's not right. 

So, tonight, with my hair wrapped up in my towel, and my polka-dot pajamas, I'm off, signing off with you, and off to be silly and tell a lame joke, only I most likely will laugh at, but they'll laugh anyways. I'll remind them I love them, they're amazing, special and wonderful. I'll tell them I understand, although I don't truly know every little inch of their pain. God knows and that satisfies me to know He knows, so He'll take care of them.

I'm off to sit on their bedside, listen, laugh, and pray with them. Yes, I have to check my son's sugar, give him Lantus then Novolog. That's two injections and one finger piercing before bedtime, but he just lets me do what has to be done. He hugs the brains out of me and tells me he loves me.

Are you tired? Are you fed up with not being able to provide your child with the healing, the help and the things they need? Then let your hands and your words be the healing and the words they need. Let your laughter, your silliness and your hugs be the magic that ignites the life within them. Let tonight be a night of hugs, warmth and long awaited laughter. End it with thanks to a God in heaven that sees our hurts, and reaches out to heal us, even when our bodies don't always get healed, His strength is sufficient, and His embrace is enough for the journey ahead.

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