Tuesday, September 23, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago
Written in response to someone who said, "You're that kind of mother?" So, here goes......Enjoy!

Yes. I'm her. Guilty.
I'm that mother.

I'm that mother who works late hours, even when I'm at home, yes, I'm on my computer~ checking up on things and people, before I shut down and go to sleep. 
Yes, I'm that mother that cooks with one hand and types with the other. Oh yeah, and gives injections on the side as needed.

I'm the mom that is so exhausted sometimes, that I'll order from Grub Hub to make sure my kids eat. It's so late that I don't want to start making some rice after 8pm, but sometimes, Chinese sure looks good.

Yes, I'm that mom that will cook the night before and then store it in the refrigerator so that at least half of the dinner is done when I get home from work.

Yes, I'm that mom that reminds you a hundred times, "Did you do your homework? Let me see. What did you learn in school today? Tell me at least one thing or I'm going to smack you upside your head. (Just kidding) Did you check your sugar? Did you give yourself enough insulin?" "Did you pack your books in your book bag? Are your clothes ready for tomorrow so you're not rushing? Did you take a shower?"

Yes. That's me.
The big pain in the bazookah, my kids say.
And, yes, I'm that mother that will sit with my kids and watch on TV what they want to watch, just because they're my kids and it doesn't matter that I don't love, "The Walking Dead" but hey, it makes them laugh when I get all grossed out.

Ok, by now you know, I'm that mother that loves to see her kids in action, especially any sports or program. So, I'm that lady in the field, half not knowing what just happened when they blow the whistle, clapping and cheering, and Oh yes, sometimes too excited and then, "Oops!" I was cheering and the other team scored."Did I just cheer for the other team?" (Better lay low.)
I'm that mom that usually makes it late to her son's practice during the week. I can't help it.
Remember. I told you. But, what matters is that I get there. I'm there, saying, "Present." And for him, that's all that matters.

I happen to really love what I do.
I take care of children and families at work, too. And yes, mine comes first, but so do they and well, sometimes, just sometimes, my kids end up having to wait. They forgive me. They know I'll make the weekend a little more special just to say, "Thank you for understanding."

There's a joy, I can't describe, being with my kids. And, then I'm the pain all over again.
"So, Jacob. You're going to read for 3o minutes, right?" "Huh," he says, reluctantly, dragging each sound, "Yeah."

I'm that mother that will invite you in to her life, into her space, into her heart.
And you will most likely be like, "What?!!!" When you see my home, on certain days, well, I'm that mom that doesn't always get to do laundry. So, weekends I have a lot of laundry to wash and fold and put away.

I'm that mother that may have all her work on the computer table, the laptop by the bedside, the books on the floor, all the lesson plans in folders next to the books on the floor and yes, if I'm really in a bind to get work done and make sure my son completes his homework, you'll be like, "OH MY GOODNESS!" When you see the dishes I left this morning, because, yes, I'm that mom that on certain days, I have to leave super early to be at work.
That's just how it is.

I'm not anything amazing or special. I'm sometimes a little crazy, but I'm punctual, responsible, dedicated and good at what I do.

I'm that mother that discusses life with her kids and sometimes I lay back with them and we laugh, really laugh. 
I'm that mom that will listen, really listen and hope you listen when I share my heart, also.
I'm that mom that at times, I'm so tired that I want to just crash on my bed, or the sofa, and fall asleep.
I'm that mother that many times wants to let the tears fall when I see the things that need to get done but have to wait until next time.
I'm that mom that sometimes wishes for more time when time has been extended.
I'm that mom that still wants more. I still dream in living color and accept the challenges life gives without asking.
I'm that mom that will hug you, that will hug my twenty something child, and when my child is forty I will still embrace and cradle my child, because they will always be my baby.

Now you know.

No gimmicks. No hiding. No faking it here.
I'm that crazy mom that puts on 80's music and dances likes she's in the nightclub all by herself. I'm that mom that sings like she's Chaka Khan or Donna Summers and I've just started to get my vocals warmed up. And, I'm that mom that holds her child and prays with all her heart for healing, for a breakthrough, for a miracle when it seems far away. I'm that mom that treasures her Bible as one of her greatest gifts.
I'm that mom that many times will seem mean because I cannot be at a parent teacher's meeting, but I'll make time to meet the teacher somehow.

I'm that mom that sometimes people think, "She doesn't care." But, they don't see me in my heels rushing to be at a practice, running to a doctor's appointment because I asked for the last one so I wouldn't have to miss work, or washing socks at night by the sink because there was no time to do all the laundry during the weekend.

 This is me.
Raw, in the flesh.
Nothing to hide.
Just me.
God loving me.
Me loving and praising God on the train.
I'm that mother that fearlessly gives her all and waits for nothing in return. 
I'm that mother that has chosen to live in the professional world and still live with complete faith and trust in the God, Creator of this Universe.
Yes, and Yes.
I'm that mother. 
Love me or push me away.
I'm not alone.
There are more like me out there.
You're that mother, too.
God bless you, strengthen you and help you.
For the work you do each day is great, but greater is He that is in you to help you always.

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