Friday, September 19, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

 Are you a single mom? Are you a working mom? Are you a mom whose husband is just not there for your child, whether because of his job or just because he takes little interest in your child? Then, this might be for you.

Our boys need male role models in their lives. I believe wholeheartedly, without a doubt, our boys need men of faith, conviction, moral, and vision in the lives of our boys. My youngest has Type 1 Diabetes. I have two sons and I thank God for the men that have been there, through short term moments or in and out, in effective ways.

Our boys need men to lead by example and show them the roles they need to imitate. We are in need of men teaching our boys to remain in school and pursue college, to invest in their dreams and save for their future. We need mentors to teach and show our boys to be wise financially, to be leaders in the home, to love Scripture and not be afraid to pray.

I am thankful and blessed with many men in the lives of my boys. They may not be constant, due to distance or the seasons of life that separate us, but I am grateful for each moment that God allows these positive people in the lives of my boys.

I have a father, Adam, who is a man of faith and vision. My father leads by example, investing, teaching my boys to be strong and to protect family. My dad is the listener with the words of wisdom. 

My dad is the strength in our home that picks us up when we fall down. Oh, what a blessing to have a dad that can lead the way.

I have two brothers, Tito and Alex Santiago,  that face their daily challenges, but openly share their faith, their hopes and always speak to inspire, motivate and push my sons forward. They challenge them to be great in the sight of God and men. They challenge my sons to discover their calling, their gifts, and make a difference in this world. I am also grateful for the team coaches and mentors that have come and gone in the life of my boys. My brothers are amazing examples of what a husband, father and friend looks like and those are the models I want my boys to have and follow in their future.

I am also thankful to the Lord for the football coaches, (Queens Falcons) in my youngest son's team. They show true caring, concern and love for both of my sons. They call them family and I can trust that the lessons they teach on the field are also applicable in life. 

Mentors. We need them. Where are they? Oh, church, how I wish you would arise and take your place and fight for our boys, our young men. We need men to lead, to teach, to show the way. We need men to teach our boys to be husbands and fathers, leaders and professionals in our cities. Mentors, men of God and men in our world who are making a difference. 

Rise up, mentors, coaches, fathers, uncles and pastors. Rise up with God in your heart and prayer in your lips. Rise up mentors and take your place. Do not allow this generation, with all their downs, their sicknesses and questions to be left abandoned because you're too busy working and in your own world. Rise up men. Be the mentors we need, today.

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