Thursday, August 29, 2013

Issues With Insulin Pump and Some Helpful Advice

Frustration Station
Okay. First, let me tell you that I know how frustrating it is when you place the paradigm on your child, or yourself, and a few minutes or hours later, it comes out. Magically or accidentally, there are no words to describe the anger, I guess , of knowing you have to replace it. Perhaps the worst part is when you're outdoors, on vacation, in the playground or at work or school, and it comes out. Once it happens one time, you learn to never leave home with extras, just in case.

Well, I decided to research on how to keep it on the skin and I got very few good results. I ended up talking to some people as well and rarely anyone had any answers. Even the doctor and diabetes educator were sort of unable to provide the kind of answers I felt satisfied with. I think the only place I received some help in the right direction was when I called Medtronics and shared what my son was going through with the paradigm coming out due to poor sticky piece. ( I really hope they improve the sticky part soon)

Here's what I've learned and how I get it done:

Clean area really well. Sweat and dirt will not only create possible infection, the area will not be ready for anything to stick and it will come out. 

Prepare the skin (site) 
Do this by using ReliaMed Protective Barrier Wipes. It looks like an alcohol swipe but instead it moistens the area with sticky, gluey wetness to prepare area.

Cover the area by using Teraderm +Pad. It's a clear film that will not hurt your child when you remove it the way the covering of an IV hurts and pulls off the hair. It's great for when your child is playing sports.

Paradigm Sure T Infusion Set (Stainless Steel) was recommended to our son this year by his diabetes educator to see if it helped during football season. I think the needle insert is perhaps too short because it keeps coming out. I like the double sticky part that creates a safe space in case the site is accidentally pulled off. A few times, students in my son's class attempted to maliciously pull on the line. This extra is supposed to provide protection for the site in case it is pulled out. It's a personal choice. I prefer the plastic paradigm and will be returning to that one. My son's experience is that maybe the other one sticks on better and longer.

Skin Tac
I read about something called Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Wipes. The reviews were that is sticks, but the negative reviews were that it sticks so well that it sort of rips of the hairs and skin. Well, I don't want to put my child through anymore unnecessary pain. So, I guess this one if for you to try out since I chose not to try it. 

Hang in There
Hope everything works out for you. I just replaced my son's site and used the Tegaderm 3m to cover site area. I'm working and want him covering himself and keeping those levels under control while I'm away. Hugs to parents out there looking for better management solutions. Don't give up or be discouraged. We will support each other and get through this together.

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To Pump or Not to Pump? That is the Question.

I've met some people that are debating whether to place their kids on the insulin pump or leave them on the insulin pen. With all my heart I truly hope that I can assist them by answering some of their concerns and questions through this page. As the mother of a Type 1 Diabetic son, soon turning 11 years old, our concerns and questions never end. I guarantee that you will always want more information because even after six years, I am still hungry to learn more. We love our children and our family members living with this sickness and there is nothing more we desire than to wake up and discover a cure has been found.

Purple highlighted words are linked to 
special sites to help you get more information.

First, let me share that when my son was on the insulin pen, he received anywhere between 7 to 10 shots a day. His sugars ran high pretty much of the time and I struggled to understand what I was doing wrong. I felt terribly guilty and hated myself for a long time. When the pump was introduced to us, I saw it as a Godsend and worked immediately to get one for my son. He was on Novolog and then was switched to Apidra throughout the day to cover meals and stabilize sugars. At night, he took Lantus. I personally have never been a big fan of Lantus because I couldn't see the real benefit it played. His sugars still spiked and I wondered what is this medication really doing to my son's body.

Next, let me share that when we first got the pump,(Medtronic Pump) the training we received was very poor. I hurt my son while putting the insert on him. I wasn't shown the different options (styles) of quick sets (paradigms) and after a few painful attempts, I gave up. I put away the pump and went on my way, back to using the insulin pen and/or injections with insulin in a bottle. The truth is, the sugars were constantly out of control and if you read up on it you will find out that high blood sugars have horrible effects throughout the diabetic's body.

So, I found a new hospital where my husband and I were better trained and I felt better equipped to do this pump stuff. My confidence was restored and I can tell you that my son's sugar levels improved a lot more. 

Also, I have to say that somehow the A1c levels rarely lowered, even though we were attempting to check and monitors sugars a lot more. At the moment, I've restarted my son on the pump after having him off for two months. He started playing football and the site continued to come off during practice and very warm days when he was running and jumping around. I'd have to replace it and again, it would come out. We agreed to try and have him back on the insulin pen for a while and the truth is, I hate the high sugars, as well as the many needles I have to give him. I see the areas that get blue after the prick and I just hate it so much. So, I told him, I prefer to have to change your site everyday and not have to give you or see you give yourself so many shots a day. No debates on this topic. He wasn't excited but allowed me to place it back on him and the lower sugars started again. 

You're wondering if this is something for your child or maybe for yourself as an adult. I can tell you that the benefits of the insulin pump outweigh any negatives, like the ones I described above. My brother recently went on the insulin pump as well as he is very pleased with the way he is feeling, the control he has and the improved management of his diabetes as well. Yes, at times, especially for a child, it comes out, but hey, just put it back on. Yes, it hurts a little. If you think I don't know what I'm talking about, I can assure you that before my son went back on the pump, I relearned what to do and practiced by practicing with a diabetic educator's help on myself. I word the site for a week. I know the slight burning sensation if you have allergies to latex. 

I know the uncomfortable feeling of having that on your tummy and how you need to put it just right so it doesn't rub on your underwear or pants. But, as a mother, I can tell you that I prefer the pump one hundred and ten times more than putting my child through constant injections. My advice, place the paradigm on yourself, (only under the supervision of your child's diabetes educator and doctor). 

As I write this, my son's site is getting ready to be replaced. We are waiting for a new set with longer needle tips. Sometimes the machine says, "No delivery" and the line needs to be checked or the site needs to be changed. This is probably one of the only real negatives in my opinion. Again, I prefer to change a site instead of constant punctures to the skin. My son is not happy that I am going to place a new site. I changed it yesterday. Not because it came out but because it needs to be replaced every two to three days. Yesterday was the day to do it and unfortunately, this happens sometimes with the metal one (Sure-T Paradigm), he is using. I reordered the plastic ones and hope the longer tip suits him best.

Finally, I want to celebrate you as a parent of person with diabetes looking for a better way.  You know there are challenges up ahead and you want to be ready. You are not happy with the news of having to add diabetes to your life's resume but you are not letting it dictate your daily outcomes. You are willing to try something new and different because you want to live, to enjoy life and maybe train for a triathlon or just be able to rollerskate in the park. The insulin pump is a wonderful tool. Try it. I think you will agree, it will be an improvement to your sugar levels, management, and how you wake up in the morning.

To learn more about how we care for our son or what we learn about Type 1 Diabetes and medical advances on treatment,  visit my other blogs and visit regularly to see what I share. If I don't answer your questions or cover something you are wondering about, write to me and I promise to do everything I can to find answers and help to share your way. 

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Monday, August 26, 2013


I look at my son's handsome face, the incurable smile always shining out into our lives, and I see the frustration of so many things he is keeping quiet about today. So, as mom's do, I decide to question my young man, turning eleven in a few weeks. My questions are not direct because I want to reach into a place in his comfort level where he can share without feeling pushed or like I'm drilling him.

He just came back from camp. Many of you know the story. No, not diabetes camp, football camp, where he was on his own as far as the diabetes care, with the exception of my older son, who was there to keep an eye on him. But, when you are not the primary caretaker of someone, it is easy, especially if you are young, to become forgetful and in turn, forgetting means you will pay a huge price later.
Jacob had a few moments of being sick at camp where his sugars were over 600. I share this with a heavy heart. No child should have to feel the horrible side effects of high blood sugars. I could not be there and when I knew what was going on, I wanted to literally run or fly to be with my son.

My son became very sick, vomiting and unable to do much until the Apidra kicked in, along with lots of water and rest. No child with this much energy and love for life should ever have to go through this, but here we are and regardless of how I hate diabetes, I love, love, love my son. So, together we go on. This is why I put him back on the pump. I had to. I can't bear to see him so sad and still.
He keeps coming to me and saying, "Mom, I love you. You're so beautiful." I do a double take because the love, I can take all day, but beautiful, well, I don't feel beautiful but he believes I am, so , doggone it, I am. (LOL)

The truth is, I want my son to be healthy and feel amazing. The Medtronic allows his sugars better control. OK, the big deal with the Lantus is that it's supposed to do something in his body throughout the day, but I don't really think it helps my son the way having the pump on does. So, yes, the return of the pump is here and the truth is, if it comes out, I'll put it back on again

The sticky part that goes on his skin is really cheap and easily comes off, but if I have to use crazy glue (just kidding) to keep it on, I will. (Ok, maybe tape, lots of tape)I'm off to check my son before I get ready for work. Lord, watch over my son and take care of him while he's at home. He's still a kid underneath the amazing, strong and wonderful child that tries to show he can handle anything. With you by his side, I have no doubt he can.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

De-Stress, Angie, De-Stress

A wonderful person in my life whom I had the blessing to have as my supervisor for some years, always had valuable advice. As if sensing the intensity of my moments when Jacob was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, her voice seemed ever so closeby gently saying, "De-stress Angie, De-stress." Early today, her advice would ring out throughout the day.....

It was early morning and those that have been following my blogs know Jacob is at camp. What made me get all stressed this morning was hearing he was up early vomiting and sugars close to 500. Google Ketoacidosis and you know what's going on. I wanted to forget work and drive up to that camp. I was angry and frustrated because I know how well I planned it all out for him. 

"He must have forgotten to give himself LANTUS before bedtime." was the mantra over and over in my head. I tried calling my son Aaron again and the phone went straight to voicemail. Now, I  was really agitated at the reality that I couldn't find out more of how he got this way. 

I had no phone as I gave it to the boys to take to camp. So, now here I was unable to connect with them. The voice in my head was Ms. Rickey's voice, as she'd done in the past so many other times and I knew that the Lord truly knows our situation and will provide comfort and peace when we need it. I knew all I could do was de-stress. What exactly does that mean?

It means to relax. It means to stop and find a way out of your current stressful situation. And so I did the only thing I know. Pray. I decided I can't run over there but I know that the Lord can. I prayed. I can't change things. But, Lord, you can. Pray. God, I can't do anything or make anything better by worrying so all I can do is surrender every care, every worry and all my anxiety about not being there to take care of him over to you. So, I prayed. It wasn't a long prayer. It was short.

Lord, Jacob needs you right now. I need you to visit him where he is and provide him with the people in that camp that will find out what is wrong and use all I've shared with them to help him get better. Lord, I don't know what else to say except, I have no other choice but to completely depend upon you and your Word. You gave me Jacob and you can take him when you want. But, Lord, for right now, work in his body and allow him to be changed so this time up there in camp is not spent in bed. Thank you Lord. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

And then, I went on about my day. You see, I had no phone and no car. So what would I earn or accomplish by stressing over that fact. If I believe in prayer, then I have to put my faith into action and not be all mushy about the news I had gotten earlier. Well, 5:30 pm tonight Jacob's sugar was 147. HOORAY! He's out playing with his friends and I hear him in the background with his happy voice. I ask a few questions and get an affirmative, "Yes." He forgot to give himself Lantus last night as I had concluded earlier. I made them repeat instructions to me over the phone and said I'd show up tonight if they forgot. Believe me, no boys want mom showing up at camp. They will remember. 

Frankie, Jeru and I will be leaving early to spend Family Day with the boys. I am thankful for the people God places in our paths throughout our lives. You see, today I needed to hear, "De-stress." Today I needed to relax and pray and trust. Are you stressed and anxious about news you have received that is really bothering you? Do you feel like you have to run out of your way and go fix the situation yourself and no one else can do it? Do you realize that all is going wrong but your worrying can't make it better because you have no way to even get to the person that needs your help? Then please hear the advice, "De-stress." Rest in the Lord's care, pray, trust in God's ability to keep His promises and take care of your needs. Thank you Ms. Rickey, for the reminder to take a deep breath, and de-stress. And, thank you Lord for giving me peace throughout this day!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#Diabeticliving Hours To Football Camp

Tonight is Jacob's last night before his big day. He will be leaving home to go to Football Camp tomorrow. I can't believe the amount of items I've packed for this one kid. I wanted to show you what his bags look like. Keep in mind, he already dropped off his football gear and equipment with his Coach. 

His medical supplies have been packed. Thanks to Tolu, his diabetes educator at Beth Israel Hospital, I learned about FRIO products. I purchased a pack immediately so that he would have it for the trip.


The FRIO pack will hold insulin and medication that needs to be kept cold and supposedly this pack will stay cold for up to two days. All I have to do is wet it and it gets cold. Don't you think that is cool?

I packed extra snacks and juices for him to have in the room in case he gets hungry or his sugar drops in the night. I guess that's perhaps the one thing I fear. But, this is the moment where I will have to put into action all that faith talk. If I believe God is who He claims to be, and He says He'll provide and take care of my son, then I need to lay back, know that I prepared him with all he needs, and God will take of him.

I know that as parents who are there daily for their kids, even when they don't have a medical condition that requires extra attention, they are still our kids whom we love and just want to protect. Letting go is part of the learning process for our kids. They need independent experiences to practice what we've taught them and to practice taking care of themselves away from home. 

Our kids can do it. Letting go pushes their self esteem upward and increases their awareness of their responsibilities because the people that are always nagging them is far away. This is where they are tested to see if they can survive away from home. We pray for their success as they grow and learn to manage and care for themselves because they want to keep doing what they love, from sports to other recreational activities.

Well, Jacob and big brother, Aaron as someone that will be helping out at camp, will be on the bus by 7:30 am tomorrow. Have to go finish last minute details. I am so proud of my young men. They are full of faith in their Lord and fearless. Thank you Lord, for my two amazing blessings. Grant them great fun and an awesome time at camp this week!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

When Darkness Falls

Walk with me. I told you from my first blog that you're invited to walk with me through my life. Maybe it's like yours.

You see, I'm a mom with a son who has Type 1 Diabetes. I hear you loud and clear as you say that I'm not the only one with a child facing this monster every day. You're completely right. Yes, you're also right to say that some people have it worse than I do. If you're in my shoes, then waking up at all times of the night is not new to you. Up at midnight, checking the sugar levels, especially if it was either high or low just before bedtime. You try to create a routine but it never stays the same. The internal alarm clock of my mind awakens me at 2:00 or 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. 

Or, is it the Lord waking me up, giving me the urgency to check on him? Almost always there is a reason.

 I've been awakened many times to find my son with extremely low blood sugar levels where I've had to act quickly and effectively, very quietly, so not to disturb the rest of the family sleeping nearby. After that, its usually difficult or impossible to go back to sleep until I am sure he is fine. Maybe your life is a little like mine. Maybe your child is often sick or all hell breaks out in your home for no reason. We have to be able to talk about the things we go through so that we can also share the victory that comes when we put our faith in God's Word. We need to share what God does in our homes and families and not be afraid of what someone may think.

Many times, darkness has been heavier than night as I wrestle with sleep knowing my son wasn't feeling well. It is here where my journey is hard as I live through the darkness, feeling exhausted, sadness and anger many times taking over. This journey takes me to the cross and that is where I hope you go, too. For only there will we be able to command the darkness and all it brings to leave. It is there we tell sickness to abandon its hold in Jesus Name.

It is easy to believe and have faith when the world is a beautiful place and all is well. But is it also possible to hold on to hope when that very world spins out of control and throws you into a darkness that seems to appear ever so unexpectedly? Darkness is a place where light is diminished and the sorrows of the heart seem multiplied. This is part of the journey I am learning to walk every day. Some days holding on is very easy. Other times I find myself weary, but I continue to walk in faith and trusting God who is greater than any dark moment that shows up.

Darkness represents the hardships and trials that show up unwanted. I find myself in that place sometimes. Darkness and despair show up every now and then. Oh, my goodness, did I write something wrong? Maybe you think Christians, real Christians don't go through difficulties like that? Why then would God leave us with promises that He will walk with us through the valley of shadow and death? Has He not promised to send the Comforter to bring us through the darkest night?

My dear friend, when darkness comes  I pray. I pray for healing and I wait. The healing will be complete one day, but I believe God has begun his work.
Do not go crazy trying to figure out why some Christians go through this and others don't. Don't start analyzing every situation and look for hidden sin, becoming a judge and an accuser. That is the enemy's job.

Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble and tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome the world."

God's answer and help reach out through the darkness.  I wait through the darkness of my moments and know that Christ intervenes and breathes life into my son. He will live and declare the glorious works of the Lord! He will accomplish what The Lord has begun in his life and God will bring to pass every great thing he desires in his life. As you pray, God will do great things in your life and in your family, too. 

Will you believe with me, tonight?

Are you struggling in the darkness? Are you dealing with sickness in your home,  drugs,  mental illness, personal drama, thoughts of divorce or even suicide? In this darkness, You can call upon the Lord Jesus and I guarantee that there will come a change in the atmosphere of your home and situation. 

Do not lose hope. Do not lose your faith. Hold on. I am asking you to continue to believe. I don't want you to pity my situation. I want you to hold on just like I hold on and be sure of Who you believe in and In who you place your trust. God will show up. God is with us through it all.

Let's pray together,

Lord, you know each parent that is in a difficult place right now as they take care of a sick child. I raise their cry and their prayer to you. You are the Healer and the Deliverer! Nothing is impossible in your Presence. Lord, you know the hurts, the disappointments, the anger and the despair in each home. You know the person that wishes they could just end their life or run away and disappear. 

Their life is hurting but you can take every pain and every tear and bring healing. I pray for a great visitation in every home, in every life, in every situation. Remove the darkness, be there at night when it gets really hard and we feel alone to face the darkness. 

Lord, I will trust in you and wait upon you for my son. 

I join with others to pray for their sick children, for their needs. 

Thank you, Lord. 

I place my hope in you and believe you are the Great God that will come through, in Jesus Name. Amen.

 Thank You, Lord. 

Enjoy this video

Feel free to add your comment or prayer request in the box below.

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When Mom Is Not Around

Two days to camp. Exciting! We all get so excited for something coming our child's way that will bring vast joy. I believe my greatest expectation of this trip is that Jacob growing in his understanding of what he needs to do when I'm not around.

Children become super, overly dependent on parents. This is not because they're lazy or irresponsible. I believe it's because, well, we're here and they are so at ease and confident in our love and protection, that they forget they need to take control and responsibility, daily.
Interesting site: Children Managing Diabetes

I will be completing my bag packing today. Have to pack his diabetic supplies. What joy! Ok, well, that's me being sarcastic. But, anyway, I should be done today.

He should be ready. I mean, no matter where I went, I just couldn't find a big enough bag to squeeze myself into so that I can hide with the luggage and be there with him. A body bag you say? Oh, sure, that will work. But, seriously, I wish I could go. I don't want to be there to baby him and do for him. I wish I could be there to watch him take charge and show how much he has grown and matured. I wish I could hide behind a tree and cheer him on with pom poms and a dance.
Ok, well, the dance is a little too much. But, yes, I wish I could go only to watch him in action, taking care of himself and making me proud.

Sugar was the morning. 271. AHHHH !!!! He had a low while I was out last night and had some ice cream. The issues with taking care of a low blood sugar(Hypoglycemia) is that many forget is that, yes, you do need to take care of it immediately. But, don't forget that a small while later, you will have to check it again to make sure it has not skyrocketed and of course, you will need to maybe get some insulin if it has gone too high afterwards. This happens at night. The lows come, the juice brings it up, and he'll go back to sleep. I tell him, wake me up so I can be there with you. He forgets. I forget too. We are sleeping and sleep can overpower us at times.

He is fine. He will be better.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


It's 7:30 and I wake up with the feeling I need to check on my son. I get up and go to his room. I touch him gently and get ready to check his blood glucose. It's 80. The heart of a mother never fails. Someone may say it's intuition or that gut feeling something is wrong. I believe it is the Lord that awakes me and places in my heart and spirit the need to check on my son. 

Jacob has a big day today out on the football field. He has to get ready to spend long hours running and keeping those players away from the football. I get him up and tell him he has to have breakfast so that the Warrior within can begin to get strong and ready for today's game.

Yesterday, his sugars were in the 200s and 300s for a while, then thankfully, finally came down to 120. He had a what I call a sugar rollercoaster day. He missed Football practice and I felt horrible. But what would he do out there just sitting and watching others practice. The park is really far away and I didn't want to take that long walk only to have to leave early. He rested and I gave lots of extra attention to getting him stable and normal, if there's such a thing as normal.

Rollercoaster rides are supposed to be lots of high intensity fun. For my son and for me as a mother watching and caring for him, the ride is bumpy, scary, and one I rather never take. But, it is part of life when Diabetes decides to stick around for the journey called life. Today, I will make every effort to make sure my athlete is very well hydrated, as well as has what he needs for the rollercoaster that will surely be part of today's activities.

Lord, he's in your hands today. Strengthen him and do in his body what only you can do. Bring healing and new energies to run, tackle and rejoice in every moment today brings.

Friday, August 16, 2013


It's funny how things change in this family every minute. Diabetes has a way of changing plans. I wonder what goes on in the mind of someone watching us from the outside? Do they laugh at our craziness? Do they cheer us on when times get difficult? Do they wait silently, praying for a miracle just like we do, every day?

My boys are on their PS 3, playing some combat game I can't even begin to learn how to play. Believe me, I've tried. But I end up being the one the kids laugh at because I end up yelling and jumping when I get hit. So, I leave it to the professionals, the kids. 

I'm sharing that they're playing because yesterday, games were not much of the desire in the home. Diabetes showed it's face for a while before bedtime. High sugars drain a child fast. So the faster you recognize it and take care of it, the recovery is faster.

When your kids don't feel well, you try to find the root of what is bothering them. If you're like me, you take out your ax and you want to chop away and cut down every possible problem growing to hinder your child's health. 

We dress in fatigues and wrap ourselves in all the combat gear, and go hunting for the enemy called sickness, tiredness, disease and pain.

 I know you do it too. You are the fearless, knight warrior that rises when your child cries and you slay dragons, find and destroy the scary shadows, and pray a blessing of protection over your child while the rest of the world is sleeping. You wear your armor with you to bed. Warrior Parent!
I don't know what you are personally facing. Perhaps you too are a parent with a medical condition. 

You have your own personal struggles and challenges to fight each day. Yet, you never complain. I can only begin to imagine what each day is like when you have to care and provide for the special needs of your child, especially if they are facing an incurable sickness. 

Maybe your child is not physically sick and depending on constant medication and diet. Perhaps your child has developmental delays, learning disabilities or emotional needs that require lots of attention. 
You are amazing! Although the film industry hasn't made a movie about you, you're a mega super hero.

Social media may never bring to light what your life is like each day, but you shine, even in the darkest night. You are a champion in your child's eyes, in the eyes of your family, and I know it also. I know some days are normal, regular kind of days just like everyone else and other days, the worst unexpectedly explodes before you, forcing you to acknowledge your role as a parent is a little more complicated than what other parents have daily.

I celebrate you! For breaking nights in a twin bed with your little one, singing lullabies as they cry through fevers, and for promising things will get better as the storm worsens around you. I celebrate you as a parent. For staying with your child as they throw up in the bathroom, for holding them in the hospital as the nurse tries to find "a good vein" for the  IV, for trying to sleep on the most uncomfortable hospital chair next to your child and still wake up beautiful, strong and ready for doctor's rounds before breakfast.

I celebrate you because no one but you knows what you've given up to stay at home. You've placed your career, your education, and promotion to the side to make your child feel number one in their heart and minds. You don't ask for pity because everything you do is birthed from your love for your child. I celebrate you because you work to put your child in programs, sports, group activities, and all you can find to make their life pleasant, enjoyable and filled with thoughts on being a child and not being sick or different.

I celebrate you because I understand you and can only extend my arms to offer an embrace, one comrade to the other, parent to parent, warrior to warrior, I celebrate YOU!

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