Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#Diabeticliving Hours To Football Camp

Tonight is Jacob's last night before his big day. He will be leaving home to go to Football Camp tomorrow. I can't believe the amount of items I've packed for this one kid. I wanted to show you what his bags look like. Keep in mind, he already dropped off his football gear and equipment with his Coach. 

His medical supplies have been packed. Thanks to Tolu, his diabetes educator at Beth Israel Hospital, I learned about FRIO products. I purchased a pack immediately so that he would have it for the trip.


The FRIO pack will hold insulin and medication that needs to be kept cold and supposedly this pack will stay cold for up to two days. All I have to do is wet it and it gets cold. Don't you think that is cool?

I packed extra snacks and juices for him to have in the room in case he gets hungry or his sugar drops in the night. I guess that's perhaps the one thing I fear. But, this is the moment where I will have to put into action all that faith talk. If I believe God is who He claims to be, and He says He'll provide and take care of my son, then I need to lay back, know that I prepared him with all he needs, and God will take of him.

I know that as parents who are there daily for their kids, even when they don't have a medical condition that requires extra attention, they are still our kids whom we love and just want to protect. Letting go is part of the learning process for our kids. They need independent experiences to practice what we've taught them and to practice taking care of themselves away from home. 

Our kids can do it. Letting go pushes their self esteem upward and increases their awareness of their responsibilities because the people that are always nagging them is far away. This is where they are tested to see if they can survive away from home. We pray for their success as they grow and learn to manage and care for themselves because they want to keep doing what they love, from sports to other recreational activities.

Well, Jacob and big brother, Aaron as someone that will be helping out at camp, will be on the bus by 7:30 am tomorrow. Have to go finish last minute details. I am so proud of my young men. They are full of faith in their Lord and fearless. Thank you Lord, for my two amazing blessings. Grant them great fun and an awesome time at camp this week!

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  1. This is the first of many steps to his taking control of Diabetes and not allowing Diabetes to control him. Congratulations to you as a Mom and to him as taking-up the challenge!

  2. Thanks For the vote of confidence. Yes, it is a great step but it has to be done because we never know how long our time here is and what he may have to face alone. I'm totally at peace, not because Aaron will be nearby in another cabin, but because God has poured a great peace and assurance of His presence being with them there, especially watching over Jacob. Thanks Tito.