Wednesday, October 15, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

As the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic, there are many things I wonder about daily. When you see your child not doing or feeling well, as a Christian, we immediately turn our thoughts to the Lord. I had no prayer in me, except one word, Be. In my heart I was telling God to be who He is, Who I know He's been in my life before, and Who the Bible declares Him to be.


I reminded the Lord who He says He is in His Word. And I asked Him to rise up and Be....

Be Elohim, 
You are the Creator.
Create, O Lord, what is needed for healing to take place in my son and in the bodies of my loved ones.

Be El Roi,
You are the God who sees me.
See what our families go through each day and come to their rescue. Let your healing go forth. See each need.

Be El Shadday,
You are God Almighty!
Rise in our midst and speak the words that will bring healing and deliverance.

Be El Olam,
You are everlasting and eternal.
There is no shadow of changing in you. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. Your promises remain true.

Be Yahweh Yireh,
You are my provider.
When I don't have the means to provide what my children need, Lord, you do. You are their healer. You provide for all their needs.

Be Adonay,
You are Lord and Master in my home. I know sometimes I do my own thing and forget to acknowledge you, but Lord, you are truly Lord and God in my heart. Help me never to forget that.

Be Yahweh Rophe,
You are the Lord who heals.
Move in our midst. Visit my home, my family, and my friends who are sick, who have physical conditions where they cannot live without daily doses of medication, medical supplies or medical procedures. You are the Lord who died on the cross to provide healing. Oh, that you would touch my children as they sleep.

Be Yahweh Shalom,
You are the Lord of Peace.
Come and bring peace into our minds, into our bodies, and into our lives. We cannot live without your presence. You are peace.

Be Yahweh Tsuri,
You are The Lord, My Rock.
I cling to you. I run to You. I hold on to you for you are my strength and my hope is always in you.

Be Yahweh Roi,
You are My Shepherd. 
My children, and my family, we are your sheep. Lead us. Protect us. Be our shelter. Keep us under your shadow.

Be El Chay,
You are My Living God.
You are not dead, fiction, or my uneducated and needy mind making you up for the benefit of being calm and at peace. You are alive and living in our hearts. Come alive, Be alive, Live completely in me, in my children, in my family, and in my friends. Let them, let us, see your glory.

Be Abba,
You are My Father, My Heavenly Father.
You are Abba. Abba, we need you.
We thirst and hunger for your presence in our lives.
We long for your Word to be fulfilled and accomplished in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts, in our marriages, in our finances, and every area of our lives.
We climb up on to your lap and lean upon your chest, with our heavy minds against your heart, hearing your heartbeat and crying out to you, "Abba, take care of us. We have no one else to turn to."

So, there you have it. Just some of the Names of God I reminded Him I needed Him to be in my life, in my home, in my family, in your family, in your home, and in your life.

You know what I need you to be tonight, daily, always.
Be more than enough,
You are more than enough to me.
My Friend,
My Refuge and Shield,
Be my everything.
Just Be.....

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