Wednesday, October 8, 2014


We went out for breakfast to get ready for the game.
I can take time to share all the things that happened this last football game, but instead, I want to focus on something I've never gone through before. As much as I felt I was prepared on Saturday, I truly was not. It is only by God's greatness that my family and I were able to calmly deal with the things that took place in mere seconds.

One of the things I concentrate on before any game (or going out) is making sure my son, Jacob's blood glucose is not high, and that he has eaten a small meal, and that his bag is packed with all the things a Type 1 Diabetic needs for a day's outing. So, you see, I felt sort of confident he was going to be fine for this game. But, it was a very big game, filled with stress and unexpected emotions. 

Jacob was out there doing his thing. Jacob played like a warrior and continued to give his all without a moment to stop. I guess he was so lost in the game that it wasn't until he realized his legs were giving out on him that he walked off the field, zombie like, (I immediately knew what was happening). He just looked at me, "Juice." he said, "Get the juice." 
Jacob, minutes before the game, NFL Pink for a special co-worker, survivor.

As we immediately ran to get his bag and give him his juice, he became wobbly. He swallowed his juice and still his sugar wouldn't rise. Without warning, my precious warrior collapsed on to the ground, without strength, unable to do anything. My strong, powerful son laid like a ragged doll and my mind, for a few seconds, saw myself in my past, going through this with my brothers.  It didn't matter who saw me. I laid my hands on him and began to pray. I prayed with all my heart, immediately thinking on what my younger brothers have gone through in the past with low blood sugars and convulsions, even falling into a coma. I knew God never fails and this was not my son's destiny.

Everyone came to see how he was doing and although they thought of placing him back to play, they realized he was out. I decided he would sit out the rest of the night. As I prayed, he arose and said, "Mom, I'm going back in." Determined and full of faith, my son got up and began to pump himself up. I began to praise the Lord for His mighty power! 

My prayers intensified during the game.  I began to pray and ask the Lord to send angels into the field and protect our team, to be a strong arms that held my son up. Jacob tells me that when he went back into the field,  he felt a strong mighty wind push and blow upon his team. God was letting him know that He shows up, even for football.

I can tell you his team continued to play with heart, even more during the last half of the game. But, it was watching my son's passion that brought tears to my eyes as I cheered him on from my cold place in the fan's side. I envisioned the Lord's love all around my son, sheltering and empowering him until the end.

It was horrible to see my son collapse on the ground. I relieved for a few seconds the painful memories of seeing my own brothers, especially my younger one, in what seemed a battle for their lives. Yes, at the moment, for a few seconds, you think, "Oh my Lord, is my son going to die here?" And then that soft voice whispers, "Really? Have you forgotten who is with you?" It is there that instead of thinking on the emergency and the situation, that we need to pray for wisdom and guidance. It is then that we prove our faith by calling on the name of Jesus. It is then that we surrender our cares and our children into His arms and remind Him of His promises!

I saw my son fall unto the ground as if in slow motion, as the voices of those cheering through the game were loudly filling the field. But in that celebrated chaos, God met us. We felt His presence and once more, T1D didn't win in my son's life, God's Victory did!

Do you find yourself collapsing under the pressure of life? Are you battling with a physical condition and feel like this is the end? I don't know God's plan for you, but I know that if you trust Him, He will not let you down. Call upon the Name of the Lord and wait upon Him. He still raises the dead and lifts the ones ready to fall into death, out of darkness and up to do battle on the field again. Be blessed and be strong. God is with you. 

 Awesome song and declaration of healing!


  1. Champion are not those who never fall down, but those who even thought they have fallen--choose to get back up and keep pressing forward. You are a relentless and courageous warrior champion Jacob...I'm so PROUD OF YOU! Keep bringing darkness the pain!!! :)

    1. Thank you Tee. I will share your words with Jacob. Thank you for the constant encouragement, from one Warrior Champion to another.