Thursday, July 23, 2015


Dear Lord,

I come before you today, and while so many other parents are focussed on other important things, I chose to believe that praying for my son, praying for my children outweighs everything else.

Lord, my son needs you. You are his healer. You restore and renew- yes, make all things new. You are his deliverer and the one that gives him victory. 

Dear God, my children need you. You know the requests of their hearts. You know their moments of feeling anxious and sad. You understand their needs and their wants. Lord, who else can I surrender my children to, but to you?

You are the God of mercy and compassion, the God who sees and hears our prayers.
Restore what the enemy has stolen- Return it a hundred times over according to your promises.
Restore health where it is failing, where it is being a burden, and where it creates a daily struggle. No child should know sickness or disease or any condition that keeps their mind on how to prevent or manage the condition instead of how to rollerskate better or be a better football player. 

The devil is a liar!

He has no place and no authority in the lives of my children.
He has no voice and my children's ears and hearts will not entertain his message, his voice and his lies. Cover my kids under your mighty shadow. Let them always find refuge in Your Presence.

Guide them and help them to make great choices, not just good ones, but the best ones. Remove doubt and fear. The spirit of  fear has no place in their conversations or thoughts. Give them peace. Lead their steps. Show up where they are and show them the path that leads to you. Let them always see you when they make the wrong choices and let them always know that in the midst of their mistakes, they can always run to you. You forgive. Let them know your loving kindness.

Show yourself strong and powerful in their midst. Let their faith be ignited in this ever compromising and changing world. Let their hope in you be strengthened and made sure. Let their understanding of Scripture be directed from your heart. Holy Spirit, speak to them as they go to work or school, as they wait for the train or sleep. Be with them even as they rest.

Be their shield and their protector. Hide them in times of trouble. Make a way of escape when there is none. Show yourself strong and let your Word come alive in their hearts. 

Give them a hunger and thirst for your Word, for your presence, and for righteousness.

This is my prayer, Lord. I ask you to have your way in my children in Jesus precious name. Amen.

Angeline M Duran Santiago

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