Tuesday, December 20, 2016


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Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I don't think I have the sufficient words within me to magically ease a parent's heart when it is filled with concern for their sick child. I'd like to think that this morning, the very words I speak into your life, are the very words that God is speaking into mine. But, I am also very aware that many times, even when the Lord speaks into the chaos in our lives, the reality of what we see and feel remains. Like my mom says, "You can't cover the heavens with your hand." and well, It is what it is. Life.

Maybe like me, your sleeping hours are very rare and few. Being able to lay your body down on the bed for over four hours a day is a luxury. Perhaps, you're in a hospital. You sleep next to your child's bed, or at least attempt to, through all the noise, the crying, the machines beeping, and well, your mind unable to stop talking about what is going on with your child. We pray. We read God's Word. We hold on to, "Be still and know that I am God." Be still. Yes, Lord. Today, I will be still. Or, at least try to.

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I think when the Lord tells me to be still and know that He is God means that He wants me to be at ease, to rest, to take it easy and know that "He's got this." Being still means I let go of my racing heart and my worried thoughts and I let it all fall from my lap unto His. To be still means God wants me to totally rely upon Him because He is who He is. I am here believing in my heart that God is able to take care of everything, but inside, I still fail and I fail miserably. I know that what my son has and perhaps what your child has is what doctors call, (for a lifetime) and without a cure. Yet, when I read God's word in Matthew, I visualize every word and as the sick and those with all kinds of diseases and illnesses come before Him, I walk in that crowd and I push through like the woman with the issue of blood, and I lift up my son and cry out, "Jesus! You've healed them all! Wait! My son....My son....My son still needs your healing touch!"

Dear Mother and Father, I know that what you are going through today is not easy. I can say this because like you, I am not blind to my son's hurts, to his frustration and his cries. Like you, I know what it's like to pray and wait on the Lord. Like you, I know what it's like to stay up late at night and still have to go to work only a little while after you actually fell asleep to realize that alarm ringing is telling  you, "Get up, girl!"

So, what words can I write to ease your burden? "God really does care for our children."
What can I write to remind you it's going to be alright? "God hears. God sees. God is still able."
My mind is saying, "God, you're not going to come through." And then Faith steps in and pushes those declarations out of the way. "No matter what, Lord. I chose to believe. No matter if you deliver me and my son from the flames, still, I will not lose hope. I will not bow down with unbelief. I will not join the others and bow down when the music plays. The song that says, "Bow, you're defeated. Bow, you're done. Bow, God has forsaken you. Bow down, God is not going to deliver your son." I chose to be still and wait on the Lord. I chose to stand up tall and straight and say, "I know that My Redeemer lives!"

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It's been months since my son has been well. Healthy is not something I've seen for a while. He's a teenager and he has times when he is discouraged and just wants to be like any other regular teenager, with normal teen issues. I don't talk about it a lot because, well, sometimes I think that when we just complain and talk about our issues all the time, it's a sign that we want this attention and need the whole world to know, "Oh, pray for me. I got a paper cut." I don't want to be that person that is writing and taking photos of every little moment of my life or my child's life and making it public because I want you to look at me and see what I am going through. One thing that has not bee absent in my son's life is his infectious smile. His laughter has remained and continues to explode in our home. His joy is always strong, making us all aware of how faithful our God is. When I see my son smile, I see God moving in life, living in his body, and working all things for his good according to His riches in Glory.

When we think of God providing according to His riches in glory, many people associate it immediately with financial provision and blessing. Today I want to encourage you to embrace this verse and see it for a moment the way I do. God will supply from His storehouse an abundance of what He has provided on the cross. My God will supply health, restoration in the body, restore the cells and the areas in the body organs that have been affected through sickness. God will deliver. God will supply deliverance and new strength. Yes. God has healing and blessings as part of His riches in heaven. This is how I chose to see it. It may not be a correct theological viewpoint, but it is what keeps my heart believing when doctors can only give me negative news. God has an abundance for my son, for my children, and for your child as well.

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What do you need for your child today? What do you need for your life?

I pray that today you will be encouraged to see your child through the eyes of hope and faith. I know it is what it is and you see what you see. I do, too. I am not pretending or asking you to enter La-La Land as if the pain and the problems are not real. But, we can also embrace God's promises and declare them out loud. Speak them to your mind, your heart and your storm. Speak God's promises into your child. Do not faint. This is what the Lord speaks to my heart this morning. Be still. Wait. Believe. Don't faint. God is still moving in your child's life. Trust. Hold on. and Praise the Lord through this storm. Prepare your heart to thank Him and yes, worship Him through the storms to come.

I am writing and sharing because I know that there are many moms and dads out there like me that need a word of comfort and a word of encouragement. You're not publicizing every minute of your life on social media. You're not advertising every detail of your life because you need everyone to know every little moment of your life. I know that what your child has is not just another cold and you need to be hugged and reminded that God is hearing. I'm not talking about, "Pray for my child. Sneezed once last night."

 I'm talking to parents with serious health issues in the lives of their children, where being in the hospital is like being in your second home. I'm talking to parents that are praying and asking God, "Lord, did you forget my child?" I'm writing today to parents who see their child wasting away and the doctors don't have any answers. I am one of those parents and today I want you to know that God, the God of Heaven and Earth is interested in your child. You are not ignored. He listens. He is working on our behalf.

God is going to show up in our lives, in our circumstances and do a great thing.

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