Sunday, August 18, 2013


It's 7:30 and I wake up with the feeling I need to check on my son. I get up and go to his room. I touch him gently and get ready to check his blood glucose. It's 80. The heart of a mother never fails. Someone may say it's intuition or that gut feeling something is wrong. I believe it is the Lord that awakes me and places in my heart and spirit the need to check on my son. 

Jacob has a big day today out on the football field. He has to get ready to spend long hours running and keeping those players away from the football. I get him up and tell him he has to have breakfast so that the Warrior within can begin to get strong and ready for today's game.

Yesterday, his sugars were in the 200s and 300s for a while, then thankfully, finally came down to 120. He had a what I call a sugar rollercoaster day. He missed Football practice and I felt horrible. But what would he do out there just sitting and watching others practice. The park is really far away and I didn't want to take that long walk only to have to leave early. He rested and I gave lots of extra attention to getting him stable and normal, if there's such a thing as normal.

Rollercoaster rides are supposed to be lots of high intensity fun. For my son and for me as a mother watching and caring for him, the ride is bumpy, scary, and one I rather never take. But, it is part of life when Diabetes decides to stick around for the journey called life. Today, I will make every effort to make sure my athlete is very well hydrated, as well as has what he needs for the rollercoaster that will surely be part of today's activities.

Lord, he's in your hands today. Strengthen him and do in his body what only you can do. Bring healing and new energies to run, tackle and rejoice in every moment today brings.


  1. Lord God, take complete control over Jacob so that he can accomplish what he wants to out in the field. Yes Father, let the warrior in him kick in and enjoy this day. You are in control Lord over him and let Your name be exalted. In Your precious name Amen!

  2. Thank you for this prayer. I receive it all for my son. Thank you Lord.