Friday, August 16, 2013


It's funny how things change in this family every minute. Diabetes has a way of changing plans. I wonder what goes on in the mind of someone watching us from the outside? Do they laugh at our craziness? Do they cheer us on when times get difficult? Do they wait silently, praying for a miracle just like we do, every day?

My boys are on their PS 3, playing some combat game I can't even begin to learn how to play. Believe me, I've tried. But I end up being the one the kids laugh at because I end up yelling and jumping when I get hit. So, I leave it to the professionals, the kids. 

I'm sharing that they're playing because yesterday, games were not much of the desire in the home. Diabetes showed it's face for a while before bedtime. High sugars drain a child fast. So the faster you recognize it and take care of it, the recovery is faster.

When your kids don't feel well, you try to find the root of what is bothering them. If you're like me, you take out your ax and you want to chop away and cut down every possible problem growing to hinder your child's health. 

We dress in fatigues and wrap ourselves in all the combat gear, and go hunting for the enemy called sickness, tiredness, disease and pain.

 I know you do it too. You are the fearless, knight warrior that rises when your child cries and you slay dragons, find and destroy the scary shadows, and pray a blessing of protection over your child while the rest of the world is sleeping. You wear your armor with you to bed. Warrior Parent!
I don't know what you are personally facing. Perhaps you too are a parent with a medical condition. 

You have your own personal struggles and challenges to fight each day. Yet, you never complain. I can only begin to imagine what each day is like when you have to care and provide for the special needs of your child, especially if they are facing an incurable sickness. 

Maybe your child is not physically sick and depending on constant medication and diet. Perhaps your child has developmental delays, learning disabilities or emotional needs that require lots of attention. 
You are amazing! Although the film industry hasn't made a movie about you, you're a mega super hero.

Social media may never bring to light what your life is like each day, but you shine, even in the darkest night. You are a champion in your child's eyes, in the eyes of your family, and I know it also. I know some days are normal, regular kind of days just like everyone else and other days, the worst unexpectedly explodes before you, forcing you to acknowledge your role as a parent is a little more complicated than what other parents have daily.

I celebrate you! For breaking nights in a twin bed with your little one, singing lullabies as they cry through fevers, and for promising things will get better as the storm worsens around you. I celebrate you as a parent. For staying with your child as they throw up in the bathroom, for holding them in the hospital as the nurse tries to find "a good vein" for the  IV, for trying to sleep on the most uncomfortable hospital chair next to your child and still wake up beautiful, strong and ready for doctor's rounds before breakfast.

I celebrate you because no one but you knows what you've given up to stay at home. You've placed your career, your education, and promotion to the side to make your child feel number one in their heart and minds. You don't ask for pity because everything you do is birthed from your love for your child. I celebrate you because you work to put your child in programs, sports, group activities, and all you can find to make their life pleasant, enjoyable and filled with thoughts on being a child and not being sick or different.

I celebrate you because I understand you and can only extend my arms to offer an embrace, one comrade to the other, parent to parent, warrior to warrior, I celebrate YOU!

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