Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today started out amazing! I shared earlier how we've been spending time getting Jacob ready for camp. During practice today, he began to feel sick. Funny, his blood glucose numbers were not very high, 171. He got covered but shared he didn't feel well. For Jake to say, "Mom, take me home." you know something is definitely bothering him.

We got our belongings and headed home. 
He didn't finish the last half hour of practice. One more practice on Saturday before his next scrimmage on Sunday. Things happen. I've shared before how unpredictable our day can be. One moment everything is super amazing and in seconds, my son will need some time to just sit and enjoy the view. 

I had Jacob drink water but I think he was just tired. It's not easy being a superhero all day. You must understand that even superheroes need a break. I mean, doesn't Clark Kent go home every opportunity he can to just be with his mom and have a cup of coffee? 

Perhaps this is all my superhero needed. Some family time. Sports can be overwhelming at times, too. We forget they're still only kids, and they too will express some need for "me time". They just express it differently than we do.

Jacob felt a bit hungry. He had another portion of today's meal and then did something that was totally unexpected. I had gone to my room and was in bed, reading emails and playing a word game when in enters my superhero and joins me. Sitting next to me and joining in the word search, he places his head on my shoulder and says, "Mom, I love you. I love you so much." I smile and respond. "I love you too, sweetie." Soon, over and over, he continues to say, "I love you mom. You're the best! You're beautiful, mom. I love you so much!"

Superheroes have all kinds of powers, abilities and supernatural gifts. One of Jake's gift is the power of his words. And his words melted my heart and any stress I had allowed to enter my heart and mind about what he was feeling. "Thank you for being my mom."

I held my big superhero close to me before sending him off to bed. My day has ended blessed. Somewhere between afternoon and early evening, it was not good at all. The first thing that entered my mind was, "Oh Lord, don't let him get sick. He's so excited about going away." The loving hugs and words filled with love from my "superhero" made doubts quickly vanish. 

God's love is greater! God always makes a way. Thank you Lord for what you have done and what you are doing in my son's life. As he sleeps, heal his body. Renew those organs in his body that only you can restore and make new. Heal my son. I wait upon you. And as I wait, I thank you for the blessing of having my superhero son remind me I am loved.

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