Monday, August 19, 2013

When Mom Is Not Around

Two days to camp. Exciting! We all get so excited for something coming our child's way that will bring vast joy. I believe my greatest expectation of this trip is that Jacob growing in his understanding of what he needs to do when I'm not around.

Children become super, overly dependent on parents. This is not because they're lazy or irresponsible. I believe it's because, well, we're here and they are so at ease and confident in our love and protection, that they forget they need to take control and responsibility, daily.
Interesting site: Children Managing Diabetes

I will be completing my bag packing today. Have to pack his diabetic supplies. What joy! Ok, well, that's me being sarcastic. But, anyway, I should be done today.

He should be ready. I mean, no matter where I went, I just couldn't find a big enough bag to squeeze myself into so that I can hide with the luggage and be there with him. A body bag you say? Oh, sure, that will work. But, seriously, I wish I could go. I don't want to be there to baby him and do for him. I wish I could be there to watch him take charge and show how much he has grown and matured. I wish I could hide behind a tree and cheer him on with pom poms and a dance.
Ok, well, the dance is a little too much. But, yes, I wish I could go only to watch him in action, taking care of himself and making me proud.

Sugar was the morning. 271. AHHHH !!!! He had a low while I was out last night and had some ice cream. The issues with taking care of a low blood sugar(Hypoglycemia) is that many forget is that, yes, you do need to take care of it immediately. But, don't forget that a small while later, you will have to check it again to make sure it has not skyrocketed and of course, you will need to maybe get some insulin if it has gone too high afterwards. This happens at night. The lows come, the juice brings it up, and he'll go back to sleep. I tell him, wake me up so I can be there with you. He forgets. I forget too. We are sleeping and sleep can overpower us at times.

He is fine. He will be better.

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