Tuesday, May 27, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

In our home, as in many homes around the world, we look forward to seeing our children growing, developing their skills, and being part of something that will leave a positive mark in their memories for years to come. 

In our home, football is big. Blame my brothers, especially Alex. But, once you're in, you're in for life. My two sons automatically fell in with the craziness and what can I say? My job? Cheerleader, Encourager, Supporter, Silent arms that hold my son up when he might not be feeling great.

Tonight is one of those nights. Seems we've had a lot of those around here. I changed his site, again. Just did it about ten minutes ago. It just came off. Sugar levels have soared again after everything being fine. I guess it will be a long night.

Jacob's First Game, Queens Falcons, Football Season 2013
My worries are so different to my son's. He's wondering how he'll do during football workouts. I'm praying God will prepare his warrior heart to do his best. Type 1 Diabetes is like that. Some days I think I've learned so much I can tackle it head on without a helmet. Other days, I feel it tackles me and I can't get up. Yet, I do! For my son and for his heart and passion for a sport that sort of defines him in so many ways.

He is a fighter and football is about knowing how to push through to the other side no matter how hard the opposition pushes against you. He is resilient and football takes mental assurance to believe in yourself and focus on standing strong. My son, Jacob, is powerful! In my eyes he is powerful. His faith is like wind to his feet that lets him soar while he practices and plays. But, oh, that wind pushes me upward as well as I watch and cheer him on.

We're getting ready for football. While some parent have already probably bought all their child will need for one more season, my greatest job is to pray and help my son be physically prepared by keeping his blood sugars where they need to be. I don't know why, but they just run upward on their own. Maybe I will have to redo the whole line again and make sure there aren't any bubbles in the line and that all is pushing through perfectly. 

Jacob's Third Game, Football Season 2013
I don't know if you love football, or any sport but I have one request of you if you are one of those who faithfully visit my blog site. Become a person who will encourage others and believe with them no matter the challenges they face. Become a person, like Jacob, that will look obstacles in the eye and say, "Get out of my way!" Become a believer that all things are possible for those who believe and cheer those around you that are feeling sick, or maybe just really down and out, but cheer them on. 

 Tonight, a complete change is needed in not only how he's feeling, (kinda crappy) but I ask the Lord that those blood sugars will normalize so that we can all sleep under the rest of God's protection. He inspires me and says, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm going to be okay." In Jesus name, I say, "Yes, amen."

Are you a parent of a child who is sick, or struggles with a physical condition or disability? Do not be discouraged. Hold on. Have faith and don't give up. I know I won't. Find those gifts in your child that need to be encouraged and surround your child with people and an atmosphere to develop those gifts. Watch your child blossom.

We're getting ready for football!

I'm excited to see my son declaring victory in so many ways. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the people you've placed in my son's path, for my family who is there with him, for the coaches that will guide him, and for your presence that will surround him tonight and always.

Share if you've been blessed in some way.

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