Wednesday, May 21, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You and I are not your average, typical, every day moms. Nope. No Siree!
You and I are not your everyday, get up and go parent, like other parents.
We are sort of the same like other parents in that we care for our families, our children, and will do what we can and should do to help our children succeed and live happy lives.
What is so different with you and I?

We carry a sword!
A sword?
Yes! A sword! A powerful, very heavy at times, really sharp sword.

You're kidding me. (You respond)
I'm not. I assure you.

You and I are praying parents. We are parents filled with conviction and faith. We are parents that take God's word literally and recognize we are in a battle when it comes to everything that is unleashed against our children's health, their minds, their growth, their relationship and success in life. You and I walk around with that sword night and day, like vigilant warriors, like lions defending their territory, sword in hand, pushing back the powers of darkness.

That sword in our hands in God's Word, alive, powerful and able to destroy the works of the enemy when they begin to appear. That sword in our hands is our time spent in prayer, creating a fiery wall of divine protection around our children, not only when they're awake, but as they sleep. That sword in our hand gives us authority to cut down words spoken against our children, it gives us authority to cast down strongholds, imaginations and every plan against our children, in Jesus Name. We speak God's word and cancel every plan devised against our children. We move our sword and strike the enemy through our praises and our worship as we create a home where we are not afraid to invite God's presence into our homes.

What are you struggling with? What is inflicting pain and sorrow in your child?
Is it sickness? Is it bullies at school? Is it emotional problems? Is it something you don't understand like depression, silence, anger? Whatever your child is facing right now, you have the Sword of the Spirit in your hands if you run to God's Word and make it your confession. That sword works even as we remain on our knees. You are a prayer warrior. You are not like other parents that just raise their kids to believe what they want, no faith, just live. You see the challenges, the struggles, the hardships and you don't take it lightly. 

Okay, I know there's no real sword if we look at it realistically in our physical world. But, if you look at yourself in the mirror of faith, you will see you are a parent decked out in battle gear. You are dressed to defeat enemies of all proportions, size and magnitude. Your faith will get you through each battle. God's anointing upon your life will walk you through the fire. He is your victory! He is Your Shield of Faith!
Let God's Sword in your hand be the courage to face the enemy, the defeated enemy, who forgets God has already rendered him powerless and God has shown us great victory!
You and I are different. 
We are more than conquerors.
We are part of a royal priesthood and we are preparing our children to be kingdom minded.
We are people of faith.
We are of those who love God and are not afraid to show it.
Carry your sword in hand and go forth, defending what God has given you.

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