Wednesday, May 21, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

As a parent, waiting for physical improvements to take place in our child's body seems like the snail's walk from a pencil's point to the eraser, a very, very long time. We grow impatient, mainly when our child shares their discomfort. We get angry, usually after attempting everyone's remedy and advice to no prevail. 

Waiting. We wait to be born. We wait to pass a test. We wait to find the right person to marry. We wait. And we wait some more. It's waiting for a cure that is a pain in the rear. It's waiting for research that has shown they have an answer to make it our way. There are so many advances and yet, the more I read, the more I see it's all the same, as if one person is just bouncing off what they read in someone's else's research or site. It seems there's a lot of repeated information but no one really has anything new to say.

I'm here waiting, but my wait is with an expectation. I await for a healing to come upon my son's body. It is my faith and I believe that He was created perfectly and wonderfully in my womb. Somewhere along the way, Type 1 Diabetes showed up to make my son's life a challenge. But, I believe in the Word of God, who created my son, and is able to keep His promises of healing and renewal.

It is a hard thing to proclaim. I know. Especially when most will say, "You're foolish!" I look at my son and decide to hope. Hope can keep us alive when nothing else can. Hope makes our faith remain strong. I chose to hope and have faith that although my son is on an insulin pump and has to check his blood glucose regularly, and watch what he eats, I choose to believe in the scriptures that tell me, "He bore our sickness and by His wounds (stripes) we were healed." Isaiah 53 promises healing for my son's insides.

I still see my perfectly born child when I look at my son. When my other two children get sick, I see God's hands upon them and through the struggles of getting better, I chose to see God at work in them for His glory. 

Waiting. It's a hard thing to do as a parent but I'm learning that as I wait, God is doing what only He does best. He is opening the heavens wide and pouring out answers to all our prayers. He is blessing us even when we don't feel it. He is with us, walking around us and strengthening us. He is able. Don't give up your hope of your faith. Trust God.

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