Wednesday, May 21, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I can honestly say that I've purposely ignored this area of writing in my life. There is nothing more I want to share than words of encouragement and hope and it seems in the area of my son's health, or the health of many in my family, it has been such a challenge.

My faith has been placed on mountain top and it hangs by a thin thread every now and then. With all that is within me, I strive to hold on to what I know to be true. It's in watching my child struggle with high blood sugars out of no where that my faith shakes within me and I am forced and obligated to remind myself I walk by faith and not by sight or emotions.

Friends, it is not easy to pray over your child and put him to sleep knowing tomorrow he will still awake with the same condition. It is not a lack of faith on my part, for although I recognize my faith is not where it needs to be, I do believe. I do believe with certainty God is able. But, why? Why does He hold His mighty hand away from my child? Why does it seem others are healed and my son's body carries the fatigue of endless ups and downs with this diabetes?

Tonight I ask you Lord to renew my faith. Renew and restore my assurance in Your Word. I know you are able to heal but I don't see you moving in my midst. So, for this I ask you to open my eyes to see your glory at work in my son's body. Open my ears to hear your presence around him. Transform my heart and remove every hindrance, every fear, every insecurity that restrains my faith, keeps it down, and won't allow my prayer to soar.

I refuse to fall asleep without confessing that I am waiting on You. I refuse to lay down to rest without turning my son to you and saying, "My son is in your hands. If it is your will, just say the word, and he shall be healed."

My child needs you. My family needs you. You are Jehovah Rophe, God who is the healer for my children. You are Jehovah Shalom who floods my mind and heart with peace concerning their health. You are Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who will provide for every need in my children and my family. Lord, I not only speak it but I write a declaration of what I know you can do. Come visit our home tonight and pour healing into my son in Jesus Name. Amen.

Maybe you too, are praying for your child who is sick. Maybe it's Type One Diabetes like my son, or maybe it's something else that is just sucking the life out of your child and challenging your faith in a very strong faith. To you I say tonight, Continue to hold on until the end. Seek God in all you do. Do not give up. Do not stop believing. God has been there and healed before, He can do it once more. 

I pray for God to strengthen you and to increase your faith. I pray that the Lord will visit your home and pour out abundantly according to all you need. I pray that God's glory will be powerfully present in your home and in the lives of each person connected to you.

Let faith take over and praise God through the uncertainties and the pain. Give every doubt and every sorrow to the Lord. We have no other place to turn to, so trust in Him. He will not let us down. God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. 

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