Friday, March 28, 2014


Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

How can we comfort our children when they are sick? How do we respond when the medical advice is, "There's nothing we can do."? What should our next steps be when we've done all we thought we had to do, tried it all and still see our child in the same condition. 

I've seen my son pushing on through his times of feeling really horrible. I encourage him to get up and go to school even when he years for rest. Sometimes it's just been a bad night. Blood sugars will rise without a reason. The insulin pump decides to work solo and do it's own thing. We end up awake as the moon watches us from outside and this makes for a not so wonderful morning. What are we to do?

I said the other day, perhaps ignorantly, "Lord, I wish you would have made mothers with the ability to place our hands inside our children and remove the sickness, the pain, the disease, the affliction, the infection and the problem." After venting to the walls, a scripture came ever so clearly. 

Yet He himself bore our sicknesses, and carried our pain. (Isaiah 53;4-5) By His wounds we are healed.

And so this is all I can do. I will continue to pray and trust in God's promises. Diabetes, I remind you that Jesus bore you, carried you on himself and provided healing for my son. Not only for my son, but for every child and person afflicted by this condition. Lord, I don't know when or how long my son will have this in his body, but this I declare. I will live each day believing you have taken it. And because you bore it, my son will live a long life, enjoy life, and grown in strength. 

We can comfort our children with our prayers, our songs besides their beds, our reading to them and our declarations of faith in the midst of their discomfort. We can comfort our children with our hugs, kisses and our love. Comfort will also come as they understand that God is working in their bodies and healing will come. Remind them they are loved and that God loves them. His will is for them to proper. Don't stop praying. Continue to hold on to hope. Comfort will come for you, the parent as well. You're in God's hands.

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Kirk Franklin, "My Life is in Your Hands" You Tube video

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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for writing this. May I translate it in Dutch and use it for my blog with your name?