Tuesday, September 2, 2014


September 2, 2014

I barely slept last night.
Thoughts, maybe some worries about the next day, and sleeplessness refused to allow my eyes and mind to have their rest.

I prayed. Not a big prayer. Not a powerful prayer.
Just, a, "Let me sleep, Lord, please." and close my eyes prayer.

And, just as I was dozing off into a faraway place, I felt someone entering my bedroom.  I though it was my daughter, who usually just enters with some noise, coming into the bedroom to tell me to check on my son, Jacob. My eyes didn't see my daughter, but a presence. Startled by the noise, I quickly opened my eyes. I saw what seemed to be a man, with a long, white robe, dimly lit, and looking into my son's bedroom.

There, in my bedroom, he stood, somewhat pensive, sad, and looking into my son somehow with an urgency in his presence. I blinked, wondering if I were dreaming so quickly. Closing my eyes, I tried to go back to sleep, telling myself I was dreaming, but as I did, the obvious presence, stood there, waiting. I was never afraid. I felt such a calm. But, I wasn't getting the message.

Blinking my eyes once more, I still thought it was a dream.
But, this time I realized the presence, almost like a dim light, had moved into the third bedroom and was standing, head down, observing my son, Jacob.

The angelic presence stood there, with what seemed a pen and notebook in each hand, and I could see from my bedroom that it was there, solemly, somewhat sad, just waiting, waiting, waiting...
Then I realized, it was waiting for me.
Understand the urgency! My heart felt these words so clearly:
"Get up and check his blood sugar."
For those who don't know, my son has type one diabetes. The mystery of high and lows are always an issue during bedtime. God shows up, even during our bedtime.

No loud voice.
No demanding with anger.
Just a soft command but with urgency.
My husband had awakened and gotten up and it was then I truly realized I was not in a daze or dream, but I was truly having this experience.
Immediately, I got up and went into my son's bedroom. I began to check him.
When I did, his numbers had lowered.

3:47 am.
That was the time I saw on the clock.
God doesn't sleep.
He watches over us even past midnight, after 2 am. No matter the time, He sends his message for us to know what to do.

I went for some juice and awoke my son, had him drink a few sips, and as I watched him drink, I looked around for signs of that angel. Nothing. It was gone.
Sweet calm and peace covered me.
 It had been a heavenly messenger once more showing mercy on me, a messed up sinner, who continuously walks away from doing what I know is right, yet in my moments of battle, how often I fall and fail.

When I am unfaithful, God is faithful.
When I turn away, mess up, sin against my Lord, He is still true to His Promises.
3:47 am.
God is there, next to my, next to my children, watching over them, even when I'm too tired to say, "Thank you, Lord, for one more day."
He remains my defender even when my heart falls away during a trial, a temptation or a moment of weakness. When my eyes stop looking to His grace and Power, He remains showing me time and time again.... I am here.

I don't know when your 3:47 am, your midnight, or your moment of hardship will come, but know that God has already dispatched and assigned heavenly messengers and warriors to visit you and come to your help. 

We are not alone. I believe it.
I lived it last night.

It was not a dream.
Call me crazy.
Call me blessed.
I look at my son, well, alive and all I can say
is, "Thank you, Lord! There is none like You!"

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  1. You're sitting down, you're letting go and that's what He wants. It is then when He will do what I know onone can do better. He will open the floodgates of heaven and pour His blessings down on you.

    Praise God for His messengers, praise God for a receptive ear, and praise God the Jacob the Warrior is ok. Standing in the gap with you sis and trusting God for his healing.