Sunday, September 14, 2014


You have a name given to you, perhaps even while you were in your mom's womb, you were already identified with a name that would be with you until your last days.

I know for a fact that the moment your mom knew you were growing inside her, not once, did she look at all the name options and say, "Oh, this one is beautiful. I shall call you Weakness." I also don't believe for one moment, your mom or dad never imagined your name as, "Hopeless, Disease, Broken, or Defeated." There's no way they declared your defeat or your downfall. I am sure, as was my experience, they rejoiced and saw the greatness God had already placed inside of you.

As I am there with my son during Football practice, it's easy to see the moments were he might want to give up. Sometimes I think he even wants to just walk away. He feels the battle in his body of things that just happen and he can't control or change immediately, but it's then I sit on the side lines and choose to pray. I pray with all my might for God to show him, and anyone else going through something similar, that his name is not Weakness but Victory. His name is not Defeat but Conqueror.

Type 1 Diabetes and Asthma are not my son's middle or last name. These names of sickness and health conditions that show up to afflict my son, and anyone else with any kind of illness, are not on your birth certificate. These titles are not in front of your name as we would see Sir, Madam, Mr or Mrs. These afflictions show up to disturb, to hurt, to discourage and bring you down. If we allow them to be the focus of our lives then you will be known for those things that afflict you. Instead, I continue to remind my son to keep getting up and press forward. I challenge him to push himself in the midst of his hardest moment and trust God for the work being done in his body.

Sickness will not define my son. It should not define you. Weakness is not your name.
Disease and physical conditions will not limit my son. They should not, will not limit you. Weakness is not your standard. 
Pain, the need for medication, and the moments life gets very difficult because for my son are not the things that control his life. God's strength, God's favor, and God's glory moving in my son move in him and through him. This is here for you as well.

Cancer is not your name. 
Aids is not your name. 
Blindness is not your name. 
Thyroid problems is not your name.
Migraines is not your name.
High Blood Pressure is not your name.
Prostate Cancer is not your name.
Osteoporosis is not your name.
Mental Illness is not your name.
Vitiligo is not your name.
Depression is not your name.
Weakness is not your identity.
Diabetes is not your identity.

These labels are just passing through. They will not limit you unless you allow them to. They cannot stop you unless you give them permission to try. They can't hinder you if you realize that greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. God is great! God is greater than sickness. Regardless is my son is healed today or tomorrow, or if his healing comes the day God takes him to glory, Diabetes and Asthma will not limit, hinder, or disable him.
Please, take on the attitude of a fighter and press onward.
Please, take on the attitude of a winner and persevere. 

What is your name?

Erase what you've been labeled with and listen for your new name: Blessed, Healed, Delivered, Redeemed, Set Apart, Victorious, and Beautiful! Strong, Powerful, Able, Champion! Conqueror, Intelligent, Excellent, Wise, Mighty!

You select the name you need as long as you know, Weakness is not your name and sickness is not who you are. 

Youtube video, "My God is Awesome"

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