Monday, August 25, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago
Maybe you didn't know. So, that's why I'm sharing. 

My son, Type 1 Diabetic, lover of Football, suddenly didn't want to play, or should I say, couldn't play. He was feeling sick, non stop, sugars constantly changing, and the hot weather was more discouraging than ever for him. With pain in his eyes, he accepted my decision to keep him home to rest and that maybe football was jut out for this season.


It's when we give up that God reminds us He is our strength and our helper. Here I was, allowing myself to accept defeat and discouragement when I know the power of prayer. 


Just as the football player wears protective gear to be safe during the game, I realized, I was not only staying out of the game, but keeping my son out of the game when I know the power of prayer and that my fight and battle is on my knees. God never commanded me to speak defeat but to go out into the field and take my stand, just like Jacob does as a Lineman. Prayer. That's the weapon we have as parents when our children become ill or just don't get better.


So, after much heart searching, I decided to trust God for a lot more than Jacob's healing. He has to learn to endure, to remain through the storm and tough it out. I had to learn it and this month has taught me to hold on, push forward, and believe for more than the healing one receives in their heart. 
God is in control, so I have nothing to fear.


On Sunday, we walked back into the clubhouse to get Jacob back into the team. The coaches and adults that know Jacob reached out to him. When I say reached out, they poured out genuine care and love. He was hugged, embraces, smacked with love on his back, and welcomed the way family you haven't seen a long time embraces. My heart was swollen because I knew I was making the right decision.

"This is You, Lord," I silently thanked the Lord, "Thank you for your faithfulness even in something like this moment." 

Jacob got his equipment on Sunday. To me this symbolized so much. The fighter, the one who will prevail through the hard times when he feels like, well, like crap. I will be that parent that prays. You will be the parent that will pray for your child through their hard time, also. We will prevail.  


Don't give up when your child seems to get worse instead of better. Help them pursue their gifts and dreams. Prayer. It is the key that unlocks heaven and God's heart. No. Not all my prayers have been answered. Yes, God has answered what has needed to come my way. My son is in God's hands. Your child is in God's hands. Don't faint. Don't give up. Have faith. And allow your child to fight their battles not only out in the field, but also on their knees. What better way to allow them to experience God's presence, God's power, and God's promises while they're young? God is faithful! Yes, he is!


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  1. I think this was a good choice, I'm glad he will be playing too. Football is a great sport to play, and the challenge is meaningful in learning to battle for the Lord.