Thursday, July 25, 2013


Head full of dreams lies softly on the pillows. A blue and green Hulk blanket covers his body but his feet stick out, with one leaning over the bed. This is what I see before I go to sleep tonight. My love, my son, who played his heart out today on the field, is now safely in dreamland. Maybe those dreams are filled with tackling and catching footballs. 

Before he went to bed, he shared how during practice, he was hit and he got to hit back as he was learning to play football. I smiled when he said, "One of the best things that happened to me was falling down. You know why? It made me get up and want to get them down, too." He then goes on to show me what he did to make his teammates fall during the practices. I give him a high five and celebrate this simple victory. 

There are other victories for today as well!
Jacob is still on the pump. The fear today was that having the football pants with the padding would create discomfort and heat. We feared for a small moment that the site would come out. But,we decided to speak the opposite. We spoke out faith and believed that God would cover the site.As my son sleeps, I can tell you that the Lord truly took care of the site. He was able to remove the football pants and the site was completely in tact. Not even a little bit unglued. 

Being extremely hungry, he checked his blood sugar and it was 64. He immediately started drinking his juice as I served him dinner. Boy, was he hungry and did he eat! But these are victories! Small for some, but to us, super big!

I don't know how a real game will be for my Jacob. His first game will be very soon, only two weeks away. I don't know how my heart will react to him being pushed and hit on the field. One think I do know and it is this. No matter the disabilities or the hardships that life brings into our children's lives, continue to encourage them. Always have faith that things will get better and teach your child to have hope, to believe to dream and work towards being everything they want to be. 

Disabilities and sicknesses are seen by so many as limits. And, yes to a degree, they can be. But those limits are stop signs when we focus on the negative instead of living life to the fullest.

My love sleeps, as do my other loves, Jeru and Aaron. I love my kids and I know you  do, too. If your child is living with some kind of physical or emotional situation that at times crushes your heart and you wish it would go away but it doesn't, don't lose faith. Keep praying. God has a plan.. We don't know it. I pray you are encouraged to know that your child's dreams are not in vain. They too will succeed because God is with them. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Angie. Your son is such an inspiration...

    The warrior in HIM doesn't keep him down instead he gets back up and presses on.

    You go Jacob...for you know that you can do all things through CHRIST because HE gives you strength!

    Have a wonderfully blessed dy sister!

    1. I love to share about him because I know that it brings encouragement. Thanks for your continued love and prayers for Jacob. God bless.

  2. Jacob you are my HERO!!! Keep pushing...when life gets hard...don't get soft...get harder!!

  3. Thanks so much! He is definitely testing his limits and not staying down. Love the advice. Will pass it on. Continue blessed!