Sunday, September 20, 2015


September 21, 2002.

A great day to be born like so many others. God blessed me with one more child. He gave me a warrior that has a faith to trust in the Lord. God has given me a child that is full of love and laughter. God has blessed me with a child that has met life and death in the face and continued to press on when life gets hard. 
Tonight I remember waiting in the hospital for the doctor to take me away into surgery so that my son could be brought forth into the world. 

At 3 in the morning, my precious son, already fighting for his life, was led away into the ICU to be taken care of. Once more, as it was not allowed with my previous two children, I was not allowed to hold him or kiss him. Those images we see in movies were not made true for me. As he was taken away, after being given a quick glimpse of my baby boy, my heart disappeared into prayer, a reminder to God that he had promised to keep His Word and fulfill it in my life. I had no strength to cry so I just meditated on what was left of my waking moments, meditated on God's presence and released the child I could not run to in the hands of the One who could be by his side from his first breath.

 I am in awe of what an amazing young man, my son has become. Lord, I thank you for my son. Although at times I have asked you why and why again, I choose to thank you for his life. I thank you for his courage and his never ending strength. I thank you for his ability to endure through hardships. I praise you for his life and for his future! 

Lord, I thank you that my son has his inheritance in you. I thank you that his name is not Type One Diabetes, but Healed, Redeemed, Restored and Victorious. Lord, I praise you because you make all things new and even when my eyes do not see what you are doing in him, in his body and in his heart, your hand is at work in him, doing great and mightily on his behalf.

There is nothing impossible with or for God. Every promise that is written in God's word is written upon my son, Jacob. God has already destined his success and his ability to soar high above the storms that may come. I love my son and am so proud of him. My football player, my joker always putting his arms around me, hugging me, loving me and telling me, "Mom, I love you!" What gift could be more precious than than? There is nothing more perfect than the gift of a child from the Lord and I am blessed!

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