Wednesday, March 5, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You said, "What?" "Talking to me?"
I say, "Yes, this is for you. Listen to me."
To the parent, provider, mommy and dad,
Grandmother, Grandpa, and Caretaker, too.

And, the beat begins....Hit it! 
(Imagine it with me, smile)

You're amazing!
You're wonderful!
Where would we be without you!
You are an example of strength!
You are courageous!
You're an overcomer!
Wow! Are you smart!

You break night by your child's side 
and still wake up to make breakfast. How do you do it?
You're loving.
I see your sacrifice.
You are special!
There's no one like you.
You've taught me to have faith.
You showed me to love everyone.
Your an example of actions speak louder than words.
You help me see my potential.
You show me it's easy to trust God.
You show me how to forgive.

Great! You're simply great!
How do always have the right words to say?
Where would I be without your hugs?
I didn't know you could jump rope?
Jumping jacks is my new fun game after playing with you.
Thank you for listening. 
Walking with you is fun.
You're the best summer camp ever!

No one sings me to sleep the way you do.
You have the best kisses in the world.
Your kisses always heal my boo boos.
You always have time for me and I love you for that.

You're super!
No, you're a super hero!
You're perfect
No, you're perfection!
You're better than birthday cake.
You're happiness in my life.

You keep me going.
You help me believe.
You inspire me.
Your love gets me going again.
Your hugs are great.
Thanks for being there when I was young.
During a heartbreak, it's healing to know you'll just sit with me, listen and hold me.
You're incredible like the Incredibles!

You're precious.
God loves you.
He made you especially for me.
God bless you, always.

It's hard to explain how cute you are.
You're cool, cooler than the Fonz. "Heyyy!"
You're sweeter than ice cream.
You're such fun!
I love you!
You are mega amazing.
You're supercalifragilisticespialidocious!
You're my rock!
My life would never be the same without you.

Just wanted to encourage some parents out there and remind them they're doing a great job!

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