Tuesday, March 4, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children feel better when they're not feeling well. Regardless if their symptoms are physical discomfort or sadness of the heart, we are on duty, upright shoulders to hold, absorb tears, or give some medication.

I know that as a parent, your days are sometimes difficult. You may even identify with an oncoming storm as you push yourself physically and emotionally when you're called to be there way after the moon has closed it eyes and lulled to sleep. Our journey into the unknown is exactly that, unknown. We never know what is coming next. 

We plan and prepare as best as we can to effectively provide for our children, even as they walk into young adulthood. I think our hearts never tire of calling them our kids and it is in us to want to nurture, advise, and pull away from the oncoming storm.

Today I vent before you because it's been a long day. Tomorrow is foreign to me and I know the road before me is endless. My journey is different than yours, but no less of a challenge. As I sighed I remembered one thing. I cannot be perfect, only try. With the tools I have, I can only do my best and you can only do your best. We pack our bags and begin to walk into the woods of our lives and may encounter tigers, lions, and bears "Oh, My!" and who knows, a few crazy monkeys and an old, ugly witch that wants to scare us away.

Life can be scary, right? When our child is sick, or going through the motions and you are out of answers, life can be a ride through a haunted house. As I vented, I was drawn to my knees. I haven't been faithful to humbling myself before the Lord as I used to. I talk a lot sometimes, about praying and seeking God. The truth is, the rush of life keeps me with a short prayer and I walk into the woods with confidence in God but unsure so many times because I didn't take the time to connect with the Lord. 

Connecting with the Lord early in the morning, when the piles of snow fall upon you, when all craziness breaks forth as you get ready to go to school and work, that's when we need to say, "Wait! Just like I need my morning cup of Joe, I need my time with the Lord." On my knees, I felt like a child sitting at the feet of her loving mom. There, before His presence, I was wrapped in loving arms and all my anxieties were released as He reminded me He provides, He takes care of my children's needs as well as mine.

Our roles as parents will have easy days and some adventurous ones as well. As you plan for tomorrow, place prayer and God's word into your bag. The journey into the unknown will be full of surprises. When we place our hope and trust int he Lord, we become fearless, confident, and bold faced to push against the currents that blow our way.

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