Thursday, February 6, 2014


As I sit here to write tonight, we are on our second week of making and drinking Okra Juice. I've read as well as been told that Okra (Hindi/Lady Fingers) is used in many parts of the world to help lower high blood sugars in persons with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. I have zero proof it works except the testimonials of people that have shared it with me and given me sites to read on it. In my previous blog, Believe, I shared that information. I am currently researching side effects as well as I don't want to harm my son in any way. Reading medical journals can be very difficult and tiresome at times. I am having a Lorenzo's Oil moment as part of my journey to see my son's health improve long term.

I've read that eating Okra can effect males in both positive and negative ways. Instead of basing my facts on unofficial websites, I am looking for published medical journals that can guide me. If I find information that can harm my son, I will immediately discontinue using the Okra Juice. So far I am finding only positive. If you find anything, feel free to share with me. I promised to share and I hope you stay with us in this journey. Here we go, Lord, the test begins.

Step 1- You will be able to find Okra (Lady Fingers) wherever vegetables are sold. Wash them before starting.

Step 2- Cut the ends of the Okra. Cut the Okra in half and then into thirds of fourths. Or use your own cutting style as long as it's opened. You will immediately feel a gel like liquid come out. The first week, I used two Okras. This week, I started using three okras. My goal is to use four Okras by the end of the month. I want Jacob to get used to the taste which is really just like water but with a tiny tartness.

Step 3- Find a large cup. Add some cold water and then place the Okra pieces inside the water.

Step 4- Leave overnight on counter or refrigerator. I've read at least six hours. I've also prepared it in the morning and then it's ready for my son when he gets home from school.

 Step 5- Cover the cup. I used a small plastic plate.

Step 6- In the morning, or as I did here, after school, remove the cover off of the cup. Pour the water into a smaller cup. Make sure you remove all the seeds and the Okra. This makes two mugs for my son. 

Step 7- Serve with love. I pray that the Lord will use this to decrease my son's blood sugar levels. Too many people are sharing that it works. I don't know if it will make any difference in my son at the end of six weeks, but for now, I'm believing that if it has and is working for others, it can work for my son. And now, the taste test....

Jacob's huge smile is ready 
for his tasting moment. 3, 2, 1.....

Yuck! He makes a face and I feel horrible! Oh, no. Does it really taste that bad?

He tricked me! Jacob gives me 
a thumbs up and gobbles it all down.

Just to make sure, I made enough to drink with Jacob. The taste is just like water only with a small taste like lettuce. Well, like Okra, duh, right. But, it is not yucky or horrible to tolerate. Just look at that smile. I wouldn't lie to you.

Side note:
Once more I share that I lay no claim or proof that this has been proven, except shared testimonials of persons that have tried it and say their glucose levels decreased greatly. I am not telling anyone to go crazy and do what I am doing. I am only sharing what I have chosen to use to see if natural remedies will work. So, please, do not hang me if you choose to try it and it doesn't work for you. I am simply sharing my moment of testing something and I chose to publicly share it with hope and faith that something good will come out of it or I'll learn to never do it again and move on to something else.

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