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It's back to school. Am I ready? I wish I were better prepared. My son is starting in a new school and I'm in a new job, so it's going to be really different this year. Are you ready? I guess today it really hit me. I don't know the school's nurse, the principal or any of the teachers. No one knows me or my son. In elementary school everyone knew our family. My son was like a local hero every staff member looked out for. I will miss them so much. There's a security blanket that's wrapped around us as parents when we know our children are safe and surrounded by loving professionals in a school setting. Lord, will I have this in the new school?

This will be my son's fifth year entering a school building with a lot more baggage than most students. He will be carrying lunch and snacks, medical supplies and insulin, either in his pump, bottle, or insulin pen. I am proud of my middle schooler. (wow, middle school already) He has proven to be such an inspiration to all of us. And, here I am. Countdown to first day has begun. I thought we'd do it together if you're a parent with a child who has Type 1 Diabetes also and is performing the final checks on the Mommy Check List. (Don't know if you really have one, but just in case, maybe that's the name.)

If you haven't done so already, things to do:

Set up appointment to meet with school nurse, all of the teachers that will work with your child, and school administration. Exchange phone numbers and if possible, emails, to help keep communication lines open. A child with diabetes is sometimes hospitalized a lot throughout the year unexpectedly. The school should provide, if parent requests, study packet and homework to keep child from falling behind in school. This was big for us these past two years.

I prepared this packet to give them with some information that will help remove any worries or fears, and answer concerns on how to best care for my child.

How to identify Sick Warning Signs: (Highs/Lows)
Low Blood Sugar
High Blood Sugar

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Emergency Contact Information/Management Plan

Tips for Teachers/Buddy System Explain that your child should not go alone to nurse/bathroom, especially if feeling sick. This was something we learned the hard way when our child was first diagnosed. Buddy system was life saver.

Medical Forms

IEP Forms
504 Forms
Sample Form 
(This is my first time filling them out) Extra time during test if needed and will need to go to bathroom many times throughout the day

Prepare a large plastic baggy with extra supplies, including insulin to leave in the school nurse's office. Share your need to leave juice and other items to manage low blood sugars.

Share that you want your child treated fairly. Laws protect students with Type 1 Diabetes. Know them.

Web site with video and downloadable resources to be used to train school staff
Make all staff aware (nurse,office, custodians, school safety, assistant teachers, lunchroom staff) aware of your child's condition. Many times school staff think child is playing or joking around because they don't know child can be experiencing low blood sugars, a seizure, or is very sick. My youngest brother was in a coma after a seizure and I don't want anyone to ever go through that. He is well now, but it was scary.
Also, if your child goes on a trip, the school should provide nurse to go with your child. I learned this also the hard way, but now I know and share with you.

Physical Education teacher should know about your child. Juice and snacks should be allowed with child in gym in case sugars drop during activities.

Snacks/Meals in school

Your child's teacher needs to allow your child to check sugar in the classroom, especially if feeling sick. They can go to the back of the classroom.

Who is trained to administer GLUCAGON in your child's school? Talk to administration about finding out if anyone else can be trained to give insulin and glucagon if nurse is unavailable/present.

Two I am still working on:

New ID bracelet, necklace, or jewelry

Pump Support for waist/arm

Check out this: (very informative)
Back to School Webinar

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