Monday, July 15, 2013


July 15, 2013    7:30 pm

Today has been one of those day that don't make sense. Even though I made sure Jacob's sugars were fine throughout yesterday, he still woke up with numbers soaring upwards. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is. I placed him back on the pump and he should be getting insulin during the night, but it seems he really isn't because how is it these numbers are just staying up there? I wonder if the insulin pump is working correctly. I check and all seems well. Hmmmm.

Well, I took care of it quickly this morning and so far, up to this moment, his numbers have been really good. I don't know what happens while he's sleeping? Does he dream he's locked in an ice cream factory and the only way out is to eat all the ice cream until he finds the exit, made out of chocolate chips?

You're already analyzing what perhaps went wrong the night before for this to happen. As you get ready to comment, positively or negatively, may I remind you....
  • He's still a child
  • I'm not perfect 
  • Although you think I am, the truth is I'm not really a superhero
  • There are perfect days and then upside down, opposite days
These are not excuses, just me, a mom being realistic.Children with type 1 diabetes are after all,  still children. I'm sure I am not the only mom to witness these issues. A child shouldn't have to worry about these things, just enjoy being a kid. My son reads or play games at night and although I'm always on top of his case to get things done, there is always room for a mess up day and last night was one of those rare times, but if we're going to be honest, or it's just me, many parents have experienced this, too. And, yes, he's learning that he is a little different and has responsibilities other kids don't have. But when I kiss my son good night, I would like to just enjoy my son, at his age, healthy, happy, and wonderful.

As I edit this blog, he's on his roller-skates. Just got them. Boy is he on fire! My Jacob is going back and forth, back and forth throughout the apartment. Thank God we live on the first floor, right? And guess what? His pump site is bothering him, itchy and half way out. So, off it comes. I just placed in on him yesterday. These things happen. Frustrating...But what can I do?

There are two things I feel about the pump. You choose to agree or disagree. I hate having to put it on my son. I do. I think he hates carrying it around and how it comes off a lot especially during the summer. But, I also can say I love the pump. I do. I love it because it is the tool that is dripping life saving moments into my son's body. It is the tool that is keeping him strong and alive!

Once you have experienced the benefits of wearing a pump, you don't want to ever go back. Eight to ten needles a day, turn to one every two days. You still need to check regularly the blood sugars by pricking the finger, but it does change your child's world drastically.

So, guess what? Tonight I'll stay in his room and personally check his sugar. One point for mom! And I'll set my alarm clock like I usually do and get up early to check his sugar. I need to make sure it's not super high again.

Well, this is all for now. Share some more later. 

July 16, 2013
12:30 am 

I promised to write before I went to bed. I took Jacob to roller skate for a few minutes in a nearby park. He was dancing to his own beat and moving like a professional. Less than a half hour he says, "Mom, we can go home now." He is tired and he feels his sugar dropping. You know what I'm going to do next, right? You're right. My magic bag with everything needed comes out so that I may check his sugar. Definitely dropping and if you said it before you read it, you're right! The juice box and the snacks came out and he had them as he skated and I walked back home. 

He is asleep and yes, his numbers were good before nodding into dreamland. I hope his dreams are filled with winning battles, and defeating foes, with mighty adventures and beautiful moments. 
For now, I too, will try to sleep. I hope you, parent of a diabetic or a child with an illness, can sleep too. I hope you try. I know that maybe today you are tired or just worried. God provides peace for us tonight. Let us lay aside all our cares and know the Lord holds our children in His arms as they rest. I hope I get to meet those of you that care for children like my Jacob. You're amazing!


  1. I pray for better days ahead for Jacob the WARRIOR!

  2. Amen. We all continue to stand upon God's promises for healing. Thank you.