Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can You See My S.O.S.?

Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

What do we do when we are faced with seeing our children in a continued state of sickness? What is the answer to their cries for help when we try and keep trying every piece of advice, doctor's counsel and what medical books tell us to do and still, we are left looking into the eyes of our child and see that we are a failure, no source of comfort and unable to lead them out of their pain?

I, myself have been on a roller coaster journey with my son, watching him on a downward spiral more than a steady line of improvement. I know the facts of what happens when a Type 1 Diabetic continues with high blood glucose. All those negative thoughts come into my mind and I look for ways to help my son have what is considered normal numbers. But, the truth is, one moment it's all good and another moment, it's crazy again! Being the parent of a child with Type 1 is hard because there are times I just wish it was me and not him. I can swear that there are times during the night or early morning when I feel really sick and something inside me tells me to get up because that is how my son is feeling. I rise up and go check on him, and exactly as I was feeling or dreaming, I find my son either in a terribly low sugar moment or throwing up in the bathroom with very high glucose.

That's where I wonder if anyone can see my "S.O.S.?" I'm crying out, "Save Our Ship!" I'm crying out, "Lord, do you see this? God can you hear us? Heavenly Father, are you here in this house with us or am I alone?" It is through these painful and hard situations that I've learned to detect when the enemy is present and begins to attack my children through sickness. It is in these moments when the thought, "God, are you still able to work in my situation?" is answered with a loud, "Yes! God can do anything! Just believe!" It is in the early hours of the morning when I've barely started to sleep and know that I have to get up in just a few minutes, that I have no other choice but to send out a heavenly S.O.S., a cry that comes from deep inside of me and I can't even speak it. But, God hears. Holy Spirit is present and sees and knows and feels what I am going through, but more importantly what my son is going through.


Are you sitting on the same ship with me this morning? Are you looking at the storm that rises around your child and inside your child's body as the fevers refuse to leave, the doctor's continue to send you home without an answer or diagnosis, and as your child continues to lie in bed, hurting and going through this madness? Then, you need to join me in rowing with me. Take the side and begin to row towards the Lord in faith and standing on His Word that He is able to visit our home and visit our children on this rainy day.

When you rise up with your sick child in the middle of the night, don't just take care of them with medicine and what they physically need. Begin to pray. My friend, pray. Talk tot he Lord and surrender your child to the Lord. Invite the Lord into your child's bedroom. Invite the Lord into your home. Sing a song of praise and worship the Lord through your whispers into the dark. As you walk back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom and back to your child's room, cleaning up the vomit, making tea or getting medicine, continue to evict the sickness that has arrived and refuses to leave. Continue to pray and seek God's will. Fight with your worship. Fight with your praise. Bless your child in Jesus name. Pray over your other children as well.

A few days of peace and quiet in your home may mean the battle is over for a time. I've learned to acknowledge that the Enemy of our Souls doesn't stop planning against God's chosen, God's beloved and God's anointed ones. So, don't you and I stop seeking the Lord and being ready for the assault on our children.

Lord, I pray for my son, my kids and my family who are going through sickness. I know that these continued illnesses are not normal. So, I run to you. Can you see my S.O.S.? I know you can. I know I am not alone. I know you are in my home even when I am at work or on the road. I trust in you, Lord. When the answer comes quickly, and when it seems to be delayed. I know you're coming through. I trust in You, Lord. Through the rainy days inside my heart and the sunny times that come as well. I trust in Your power to heal my son, to restore and make all things new. I write to affirm this as my reality. I write it down as my confession and my sure hope. I trust in Your Promises.


If you need prayer or just need to share, I would love to pray with you, for your home or just listen. I love it when others share and we encourage one another in the Lord. God bless you greatly.

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