Thursday, October 1, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Many, if not most, Type 1 Diabetics, can count their Medtronic or other name insulin pump as a blessing. Although it may not be fashionably comfortable, it is a great instrument to own and make a part of your lifestyle in order to better manage and control Type 1 Diabetes. But, if you're reading this and your a T1D, you already know this. So, I am not here to pump up the pump but pump you, the T1D up.

I'm here to tell you that I know that although what you have to go through each day is not easy, you still get up daily to go to work, to take care of your family and your home and you get up to go to school. I want to say that you are awesome, you are strong and amazing! There is no one like you. You are one of a kind. 

I want to say that I know at times you want to stay in bed, or not have to deal with the beeping of the pump when it is yelling at you to get up and check it. I know there are times you get upset when it comes off only minutes after you put it on and now you have to put it on, again. I know your fingers at times are hurting and you wish you could be like everyone else. 

But, I want to share something my son, 13 years old, said a few years ago. He said, "Mom, I thank God I have T1D." I was like, "WHAT????!!!!!" And he was like, "Yes, mom, without this maybe I would not care about what I eat and I would not want to be in sports. Having diabetes makes me see life as a challenge and I want to do the hard things." 

My ears couldn't believe these words, but then again, I knew that God's word of life and faith planted in his life from the beginning were helping him believe and understand that his purpose and destiny are still powerful and possible, regardless of what this life throws at him.

Are there times he has spoken differently? Absolutely. These have been hard times when I've gone before God and prayed for wisdom and guidance with a broken heart for my son and my brothers. Then I remember that I can either hold on to the hurtful words he shares or I can pump him up in the Lord and love on him will all my might.

I remind him and I remind you that you are so valuable in the eyes of the Lord. Your life has such great purpose. Don't give up and get tired of walking this road. Keep the pump at your side to keep you going but grab hold of God's Word and let it keep you pumped up with all those awesome promises in there for you.

Yes, you and my son have a pump and at times, it can be a burden. But, oh, a burden that keeps my son alive and with me for a million more years if possible. I thank God for the persons that created it because it can make life a little easier. But, the pump is not his source of life, it is the Lord who not only gave people the gift and knowledge to create the pump, but who lives to keep my son strong and doing well, really well. 

I guess that I just wanted to send you a big hello from here and remind you to stay hopeful and don't surrender. God loves you and He can and will make the difference in your life if you believe, invite Him into your life and let Him walk with you through the highs and lows in Type 1 Diabetes and the highs and lows of this life.


Lord, strengthen, encourage and fill every life that has #T1D. I still believe you are Healer. Heal my son and every person that is holding on to you and your word. Let your presence powerfully fill the homes of every person crying out to you today. Flood their lives. Invade their space with your presence and your love. Let joy keep them strong. I pray for you to fulfill your destiny and your will in their lives, in Jesus name. Amen.

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