Monday, December 8, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Most of you who read what I share know me through my blog, "From My Home to Yours".

This is one more page I jot my thoughts about my journey as the mom of a child with Type 1 Diabetes. Many people will disagree with my way of seeing things and that's so okay. You see, we all have our way of seeing, believing, and responding to what we embrace as "The Truth" for our lives.

For me, the fact I want to share has to do with the things I've noticed over and over that are so very hard for God. I've tried to see Him always as the God of the impossible, but these past few months, I've grown to see Him as the God who struggles and has a hard times with many things as well.

Go ahead and say what you will. You can't change my mind. I've decided that it's impossible for God when it comes to certain matters in my life and I won't bulge, not even a tiny bit.

It's impossible for God to abandon me.
It's impossible for God to leave you alone.

It's impossible for God to leave me hanging, making promises and then walk out on me.

It's impossible for God to go back on His word. If He said it, Hold on to it.

You might say, "Angie, you're delusional. Your son is not healed. There are prayers unanswered. Look at your own situation. Where's your answering God?" And I will smile, turn around to face you and say, "He has not left me in the pit to rot. He will not leave you either."

It's impossible for God to stop loving me.

It's impossible for God to stop 
loving my children, my parents, my family and friends.  

It's impossible for God to love only a few people and not love us.

God is love! Liquid Love. Real Love!

It's impossible for God to stop loving you. I believe until the very last breath in humanity, regardless if we accept Him and live for Him, or if we reject Him and hate Him, His love will still cry out to us, call out to us, and reach out to us, til the very end.

So, that's it. Fact: It's impossible for God to be anyone or anything less than what His own word declares Him to be or do. Number 23:19

Type 1 Diabetes, any other physical condition, any health condition and every mental health situation falls powerless in the presence of God's powerful love. He has promised to heal my son. It's in His Word. So, for now and always, I will declare, "It's impossible for God to be God in my life. It's impossible for God to stop being God in my home. It's impossible for God to mess up, fall down, quit on his promises and play mind games."


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