Friday, February 28, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

We hear a lot about being there for special needs children. Many people want to bring attention to the conditions that make them stand out as different or special. I don't want my child to be seen as different because of the condition he battles with daily. I want him to stand out for being a winner and an overcomer in the midst of each daily moment.

Many of my dear friends have children with Autism, Type 1 Diabetes, Physical Disabilities, to mention a few. I'm inspired by those parents that don't draw attention to their child's limits, but to their strengths and their amazing potential to excel in what they do. Some parents put up a fight and want this pity all the time. I honestly don't want or have the time for pity. 

We live in a world where we don't have time to make excuses for our children because the world just isn't going to step aside and make life easy for them. I have a friend with a son who has learning disabilities, and when I see her showcase what he cooks, I am so amazed. This is a young teen, and he's smart and excels. Why? Because she has taken the time to build upon his strengths and abilities. Another friend has placed her daughters in sports, dance, horse back riding and constant fun events. Why is she succeeding? She sees the awesomeness in her girls. She refuses to focus on what is lacking, but rather focuses on not only preparing for the future, but making a big deal that her kids can do it all just like other kids.

Jacob with one of his trophies.
Yes, my son's daily situation is hard. Type 1 Diabetes sucks big time. I hate it and he hates it more. But, I want to put on a pedestal not that he is hurting, but that he is pushes through the hurt, not that he's had to take a break, but that he goes above and beyond his limits. Last year was his first year in football. Many people told me I was making a huge mistake. For me, it was a great year of learning, challenges and great victories. I saw my son come alive and he gave me the reason to come alive with him. I saw him get in there and do great things. This year, he has asked to go back. 

I will be in the stands once more cheering him on. We can't limit our kids. We can't put excuses. They have it in themselves to strive, succeed and be winners. Have a disability, a physical condition, a sickness or even a mental disability is not a reason for exclusion, moping around and living like life is over.

Today, I challenge you to get ready to do great things with your special child. Fact is, once you see them get excited, you'll get pumped up and excited, perhaps even more. You and I have super, amazing children. OK, yes, I won't deny, they struggle more, go through more and have a harder time in the mornings, but oh, they're perfect to me. Our kids are great! Our kids are fantastic! It's time you start telling your child all these great words and start confessing them because they are true and will make the difference in your home. I guarantee it! 

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