Wednesday, January 29, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Lately it seems my son is always soaring. No, he's not flying up in the sky like a bird, a plane, and no, especially not Superman. (Though I think he is most definitely SUPER!) His glucose levels are having a hard time understanding they have to come down. 

I haven't given them the option of thinking about it. From changing meals to regularly staying on top of everything, I have done pretty much everything I can think of to knock those numbers down. They are frustrating. Each time I check his sugar or he checks it, we look at the glucose meter and it looks back at us with an attitude, saying, "And what?" 

It may seem like you keep soaring and flying high like a kite lost in the winds of Spring time. It may even appear that my efforts are lost and you've won, I'm defeated. But, take a good look at me, Type 1 Diabetes. I'm still staring at you everyday when I take care of my son, and every day I will remind you that you do not have permission to remain in his body, and do as you please.

Me? I'm getting wiser, stronger, and bolder in my prayers. I'm learning not only how to manage your uninvited presence, but I am not giving up. You will come down, sooner or later. Every airplane has to land. Every bird needs to find a place to rest. High glucose will have to acknowledge that my son's body is going to respond to the insulin I give him. His body will not resist the insulin. I declare that my son is strengthened and will live a long life.

I am also a mom filled with faith. Not everyone believes the way I do and that's OK. I have enough to share with you. I believe the God of Heaven hears my prayers and the prayers of my family and friends for Jacob, for you, too. Do not despair. Do not give up. 

Continue to try all you can to bring those sugar levels under control and as you use your medications and diet, try a little bit of faith. It can't hurt. Lord, help those in research find a cure and help it be available for everyone, everyone, Lord. And, God, stretch your hand of healing upon my son, my brothers, and everyone that reads this today, in Jesus name, amen.

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