Sunday, December 8, 2013

TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK #sickness #diabetes

Not Denying

We cannot and should not deny the great discomfort physically and mentally that accompany anyone living with Type 1 Diabetes. As I write, my son is sleeping and I can only think of what an awesome and courageous child he is. How little he complains and how much he does each day as if nothing was working against him inside his body. It’s not until his sugar either starts dropping or has spiraled upwards that he stops and remembers Diabetes is still hanging out in our home.

I am not advising that anyone, especially someone with a child with T1D, ever ignore or live ignorantly of the reality that presses upon them. Diabetes is real and it is most definitely no one’s friend. But, man, when it shows up at the door, it walks in, uninvited I may add, bags packed and ready to hang, ready to stay. 

This is the part we don’t like. It dared show up in our world that was sort of doing well. It has entered and taken over many homes.

Taken over

Diabetes has taken over if all you can do is weep over the fact that it won’t go away. If you find yourself or your child immobilized with fear and sadness and as if your world is over, Diabetes has taken over. Some parents begin to lessen the activities their child can participate in like birthday parties, going out to eat and the occasional treat. If you walk around so stressed out that you no longer enjoy life, maybe, and I can be wrong, Diabetes has taken over.

Close the Door Symbolically

Unless a divine miracle takes place in your life or mine, we are sort of stuck for now. But, we can make a declaration. We can take life over again. Symbolically and by faith, we can cut Diabetes’ stay short and remind it that it is not only unwelcomed, but has to go. By now you either stopped reading, or are getting ready to write to me to tell me I am crazy. I believe, by faith, I can see Diabetes walk out of my home. I believe that symbolically, if it seems I’ve lost control over my life because I’m worried or overly concerned. You can be in charge again! Go back, as much as you can, and begin to do the things you did as a family. Yes, you will have some extra bags along for the ride, but do it anyways.

You may have to prepare yourself for the positive along with the negative that may happen as you take a step forward and begin to take your living and breathing space again, but oh, the release you will experience.

Living By Faith

I am a woman of faith. I believe prayer changes things. I also know that there are things I will not have the answer for. Why my son and my brothers are not healed is something I wish I could understand. But one thing I do understand is that I will not live bitterly, beating myself over with a bat and being angry at God. I’ve seen the healing hand before at work in my family and this gives me the assurance I will see it again.

Get rid of the spirit of despair. It will only weigh you down and stop you from spreading your wings to fly. And you know what? While your wings are clipped, so are your child’s wings unable to spread wide open to embrace the adventures awaiting each day. Despair and anxiety have no place in your life. 

Live Again !

Take your life back! You have so much to live for. I look at my son, all covered up in his bed, and next to him is his insulin pump and on his nightstand is his blood glucose monitor. Under it is a bottle of juice. Not the average way a child’s bedside looks like. I kiss my son on the forehead and pray, “Lord, bring healing into this body.” And as I walk away I am filled with hope. I closed the door to Diabetes and though I cannot ignore the reality it has declared itself a permanent resident in this home, I make the choice to stand in hope, on God’s promises, believing in healing until my last breath. Until then, watch out world, this family is coming through with purpose and courage to face each day!

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